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Exciting News! Come on Suday!

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  • Rol Sharette
    I had to share this with all of you and I hope you can make arrangements to join me at the following meeting. One of the most unique and promising music
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2006
      I had to share this with all of you and I hope you can make arrangements to join me at the following meeting.
      One of the most unique and promising music systems is about to launch in full utility in the coming week. Not only should you know about this, but you should make your way to DazzleJazz in Denver Sunday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 pm to learn more about this system from the chairman and founder of the web-based artist (as in musical -- singer, band, instrumentalist, group, fan, professional, part timer, etc.) resource. Your affiliation with CVJS is your key to participating in this meeting of the Colorado Music Association, which will also inform you about other "Do It Yourself" promotional and business solutions for music folks.
      But the one I'm eager for you to know about is truly a "music evolution." Its name is "Apeus." The boss of Apeus is coming to town at my request and the at the invitation of Carmen Allgood, program chair for this COMA event.
      The first you’ve heard of it?  Well it certainly won’t be the last if founder Allen Hughes has his say. In fact, according to Hughes’ vision, independent artists and labels around the globe will soon distribute their music through the online music community he’s creating with a crack team of musical and technology braniacs.
      “Apeus is an artist-centered, listener-driven, Grassroots Music Distribution Community that focuses on supporting independent artists and selling great music.” Or as Hughes describes it, “It’s a community dedicated to artist development and listener participation." 
      By placing artists at the center of the compensation system, instead of at the very bottom where they often get only a tiny dribble of the dollars they’ve generated, Apeus allows musical artists to control their own distribution rights, and make a far more substantial income from their music.  It also enables artists to be compensated for leveraging the buying power of their fan-bases. "That’s one of an artist’s biggest assets,” says Hughes.  “And we feel they should be paid for it.” The additional good news for artists is that they get into Apeus free of charge. “Artists shouldn’t have to pay to play,” says Hughes. “It ought to be the other way around.”
      What’s more?  In the Apeus community, many listeners (and/or the artist driven organizations they represent) will soon be creating their own music portals, and producing and promoting concerts with their favorite artists through a program called Apeus LIVE. 
      Many exciting ideas like this will be discussed at the COMA meeting Sunday evening. I apologize for the late notice, but I hope you a cappellists and other music folks will make it a point to show up. I personally think this is too good not to at least consider. And better to hear it explained by the guy who is designing and running it.
      Dazzle Jazz Club is at 930 Lincoln a stone's throw from downtown just north of 9th Street. There's no admission or cover. Cash bar of course.
      I you have any questions before Sunday, give me a call.
      Rol Sharette
      CVJS program director
      Article from the Colorado Songster to be mailed Monday:

      “Apeus” is a new web-based artist owned and operated center that pays musicians and composers for what they do naturally — create music. It also rewards listeners for what they do naturally — spread the word about exciting new and interesting music performance that contacts, friends, and fellow musicians can identify and enjoy. Thus, a grassroots distribution community is created that benefits its members and users financially and artistically, doing the work that record distributors and music publishers can no longer accomplish.

      It’s a unique and 21st century concept not unlike CDbaby.com and MP3.com, but with direct involvement by the creators and audience making the system work. In fact, if the business performs as its designers anticipate, everyone becomes a beneficiary in its operation.
      Allen Hughes, the Utah-based Apeus chairman and founder, is as excited about his strangely named baby as one could imagine. When asked about how vocal performance and a cappella groups fit into the matrix, he lists a number of possibilities, along with naming a few of the ensembles already involved.

      Curious? Go to www.apeus.com and scroll through the descriptions and the variety of ways in which singers and fans can become involved, both at the professional level and, I suspect, as music “hobbyists.”

      — Rol Sharette
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