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Voices Across America

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  • Roland Sharette
    Hello Colorado, I m passing on the following message from Deke Sharon, president of CASA, to let you know how exciting this a cappella event has become. I also
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 25, 2001
      Hello Colorado,
      I'm passing on the following message from Deke Sharon, president of CASA, to let you know how exciting this a cappella event has become. I also want to assure you that the level of board messages and responses you have seen lately will surely subside and I hope you will forgive the high level of communication this has created.
      I also want to caution all that we need to keep perspective on this. Surely, we are excited by the strength of our response, but it should be kept in proportion. I am personally humbled by what I have read and I feel we must give utmost priority to the good that may come to the families, to the rescuers and for the civilized climate that we hopefully will promote.
      Rol Sharette, program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado Co-Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
      Here are Deke's words: 
      "Amazing!  That would be the word I would use from the total number of responses given during this organization of Voices Across America.  It is unbelievable how one idea can grow into a massive event in just a few days!  I have received numerous emails, phone calls, and even letters inquiring how individuals or groups can help set up something in their area.  Therefore, after many late night hours, correspondance, and pulling strings all over the country, here is the info that most have requested:"
      Press Release:
      On September 30th, vocal groups from across the country will be performing free public concerts to benefit those affected by the recent tragic events in our nation.  From New York to Los Angeles, barbershop, choral, gospel, and contemporary music groups will gather together to unite in Voices Across America. 
      Most major cities will be participating, with all of the groups in those cities singing the National Anthem as their first song.  Concerts will begin at noon on the west coast and 3pm on the east, with all groups singing the same song at the same time, across all time zones, respectively.  Full performances will then ensue, free for all to enjoy. 
      Donations will also be accepted and 100% of the proceeds will go to aid the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  Come and experience this united effort and enjoy some of the most talented singers around! 
      You can discover more about this event and information pertaining to these groups at Vocal Universe (www.vocaluniverse.com) and the Contemporary A Cappella Society (www.casa.org).
      A Partial List of Cities & Groups Participating:
      Asheville, NC
      Atlanta, GA
      Big Chicken Chorus
      GA Tech Sympathetic Vibrations
      Vocal Tonic
      UGA Accidentals
      Yes, Virginia!
      Boston, MA
      All About Buford
      In the Moment
      Pelican Groove
      Burlington, VT
      Cat's Meow
      Random Association
      UVM TopCats
      Vermont Vocals
      Concord, MA
      Sarah Megan (4 A Cappella Groups)
      Denver, CO
      Denver A Cappella Project
      Eugene, OR
      Halie Loren
      Fort Collins, CO
      Grand Junction, CO
      Good Company A Cappella
      David & Dona Ramsey
      Los Angeles, CA
      Harmony Sound
      Pacific Sound
      Sixth Wave
      Louisville, KY
      Dot H. Nolen
      Minneapolis, MN
      Dare to Breathe
      Kim Hussey
      Kris Gruchalla
      Kris Pearson
      Rose Ensemble
      Voice Trek
      New York, NY
      Carl Ferrara
      Christopher Noun
      Fonic, The
      Jonathan Heiles
      Lisa Dawson
      Stacey Pilson

      Orlando, FL
      Return to Zero
      Toxic Audio

      Pittsburgh, PA
      In Acchord

      Rochester, NY
      Big D and the Bowties
      RIT City Brick Singers
      Vocal Point
      Sacramento, CA
      5 Past Midnight
      Boyz Nite Out
      Capitol Aires
      Mark Montgomery
      Santa Cruz, CA
      Gold Standard Chorus
      Mount Madonna Choir
      Tammy Heinsohn
      Unity Choir
      San Francisco, CA
      Deke Sharon
      Lisa Collins
      Nathan Casper
      Santa Rosa Redwood Chordsmen
      Seattle, WA
      3 of a Kind
      Toronto, Canada
      Jessika Diamond
      Washington DC
      3 Guys Mike
      Here are the subsequent times allotted for the cities and groups across the nation.  Please try and have all set up and organiztion done prior to your actual start time, as we would like to have the National Anthem sung at the designated hour, by everyone across the country.
      Hawaii - 9:00am
      Alaska - 11:00am
      Pacific - Noon
      Mountain - 1:00pm
      Central - 2:00pm
      Eastern - 3:00pm

      Listed below are some links to graphics you may use for advertising and/or posting on a web site.  Please contact me if you have any desire for more graphics.
      With most large public venues under close scrutiny or unavailable for public events, due to security reasons, recommended performance arenas are as follows:
      Public Parks
      Community Halls (Rotary, Lions, Elks, etc.)
      Local Media:
      Be sure to utilize all your local media contacts to cover this event.  Invite them to set up a live broadcast booth at the event, if possible.  Vocal Universe has been, and will continue to be contacting national media arenas for coverage.  We have already had definite interest and committment from major media houses and will be releasing their information shortly.  Some local media suggestions are as follows:
      Local News Stations
      Public Access Announcements
      Local Newspapers and Periodicals
      Local Radio Stations
      University and Academic Campuses, including Music Departments
      Personal Mailing Lists
      Clubs (Rotary, Elks, Lions, 20/30, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
      Church Announcements
      Of course, invite everyone you know!  But, on top of that, be sure to contact your local fire and police departments to attend and show their support.  The public would love to see them and they would be a wonderful asset!  Also, be sure and invite local media, government officals and leaders within the community.  The more exposure and backing from these individuals, the more likely the tremendous turnout!
      Sound and Tech:
      Do to the differences in venues and locations, it is almost impossible to set a standard for everyone.  Needless to say, the only truly required equipment may be a sound system.  This doesn't mean it has to be perfect, just enough for everyone to hear.  If one group could set up and have their equipment available to all, it would be ideal.  Groups may have to work together to form a plan.  If you wish to film or tape the concert, please do so, and Vocal Universe or CASA may try to put a compilation video or CD together for access by all; with, of course, all proceeds going to the Red Cross.
      After the Event:
      Please contact Vocal Universe and CASA to let them know how the event turned out.  Send us interesting stories, insights or pictures and we'll post them for all to enjoy!  Try to have the monetary donation amount recorded, or sent to you, so we can have a grand total for the event and local and national news coverage.
      Want to Help?:
      If you or your group is interested in participating in this event, please contact your local CASA ambassador, Vocal Universe, or one of the groups already performing in your area.
      Thank You!
    • Roland Sharette
      We have all been touched in some personal way by the events of September 11, and as many have said, our lives will never be the same. I ll bet we all know of a
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 6, 2001
        We have all been touched in some personal way by the events of September 11, and as many have said, our lives will never be the same. I'll bet we all know of a relative, acquaintance, friend-of-a-friend or community member who was involved or affected by this horrible event. Just imagine that 200+ million people should be that close to the 7,000 who died or those who barely escaped. This deed was aimed at what the perpetrators envisioned to be things that we treasure or make us important: our financial centers and our military. What they instead accomplished was to murder thousands of our citizens who represent a cross section of the world population who make us what we truly are: a nation of freedom-loving individuals from many ethnic groups and religions (including those of the aggressors) who exult in life and pursue happiness in as many ways as can be imagined.
        Last Sunday, thousands of voices were raised simultaneously in song in cities across our nation and beyond. These singers and their audiences paid homage to their fallen friends, relatives, to names in newspapers -- and heroic countrymen -- in the best way we know how. The power of music rose up to respond with a very effective message to those who would attempt to lower us to their standards. We will overcome. We will celebrate our strengths while honoring our countrymen. We can make a musical path for our sorrow that leads to a victory of goodness over evil.
        "Voices Across America" was truly a great event and tribute, celebrated simultaneously all over our country and eslewhere. Reports are coming in to the CASA office showing marvelous support and an outpouring of musical gifts seldom before seen. In Colorado, there was a concert at Denver's Pepsi Center the previous night, but I wanted to point you to David Ramsey's report of the "Voices Across America" event in Grand Junction. It's on the message board close to this report. That's what it's all about.
        Rol Sharette, program director, CVJS
        Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
        Colorado Ambassador, CASA
        Contemporary A Cappella Society
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