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Fort Collins is still a part of Colorado, however . . .

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Well, moving on to the next message (duh) . . .
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2001
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      Well, moving on to the next message (duh) . . .

      << Originally 'Tangent, from Fort Collins, was going to host the Colorado benefit concert, but at the last minute we had to poop out because of our tenor (always the tenors), so it looks like Grand Junction's the place now.

      ~Nic Widhalm
      VP for 'Tangent
      http://listen.to/tangentonline >>

      As Paul Harvey says, "Stay tuned for the REST of the story. Guess that's what this is. Nevertheless, I'll call Vocal Universe to see if anyone has picked up the ball. There are still a couple of Colorado groups who have told me they would participate if there is a metro/front range event happening. Let us know if there is.

      However, being a tenor <g>, I take exception to Nic's (is that a Nicki? or maybe Nikita?) conclusion that tenors fink. I personally think sopranos fink more often, but since they're a dime a dozen, it doesn't really matter. (heh, heh, heh!)

      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado co-ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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