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  • Rol Sharette
    Clear DayIf any of you Colorado A Cappella freaks (er -- I mean Fans) want to hit the road for 8 hours, you ll likely be thrilled by the size and excitement of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2005
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      Clear Day
      If any of you Colorado A Cappella freaks (er -- I mean Fans) want to hit the road for 8 hours, you'll likely be thrilled by the size and excitement of the show T Minus 5 has engineered in Ogden, Utah this weekend. I spoke with Jared Allen a week ago about the group's hosting plans for this event. I mean, was he psyched or what!
      How about 3,000 folks in an outdoor amphitheater listening to a cappella music that isn't the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? And if you can afford the gas, you can certainly cover the gate at $5 a head.
      Just 4 great vocal bands, including this year's National Harmony Sweepstakes winner, Groove for Thought. Of course, T Minus 5, our own Rocky Mountain Sweeps Champs in 2001, will appear, along with Reprise, the 2001 Collegiate Champs of the International Barbershop Competition, and, to top it off, the Utah reincarnation of everybody's favorite Doo-Wop group, the Cadillacs.
      They call it Acappellastock
      Jeff Petersen and his partners in T Minus 5 (tenor Karsten Longhurst, tenor Jared Allen, vocal percussionist Shawn Satterthwaite and bassist Jason "Fish" Salmond) are bound and determined to make an a cappella festival that will draw performers and audiences from far and wide.
      "That's right -- the whole show features by the human voice," Petersen said. "We have a good mix of styles this year. And the one we're really excited about is the one we're bringing in from Seattle, Groove For Thought. They are the current National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, with a style that is jazz-based."
      T Minus 5, the group, started out in 2000 atWeber State University . "The reason we call ourselves T Minus 5 is that it represents a countdown to something big which is about to happen -- 'T minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -- we have blastoff.' We like the imagery it represents ... We want to do it like the big boys, like Rockapella does it .... With a lot of hard work, we could do that."
      The first Acappellastock was last summer. "Nobody knew what to expect. Well, we had 1,500 people turn out. ... We know this can work. We know it has appeal. The name, Acappellastock, has a feel-good, groovy sound, and that's what we're about."
      As plans for the second Acappellastock fell into place, T Minus 5 decided to include a family in need in the program, so contributions will be accepted for that purpose during the show. "We felt it tied in with our purpose for Acappellastock. It's a community event, and a community is a group of people that come together for a common purpose, a cause. We hopefully build one another up to build a better future for tomorrow."
      . . . and for a cappella!
      WHAT: Acappellastock 2005
      WHO: T Minus 5, Reprise, The Cadillacs, Groove For Thought
      WHEN: 7:30 p.m.Saturday. Gates open at 6:30 p.m., with pre-concert entertainment.
      WHERE: Ogden Amphitheater, 343 Historic 25th Street
      TICKETS: $5 at the gate. For information call 801-773-1561.
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