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In search of the perfect Tenor...

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  • Joseph DiMasi
    Hello everyone! It seems (from the other e-mail regarding a new Jazz/R&B quintet) that it must be Tenor season. We are *also* a newly forming group of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2001

      Hello everyone!


      It seems (from the other e-mail regarding a new Jazz/R&B quintet) that it must be Tenor season.  We are *also* a newly forming group of experienced a Cappella enthusiasts in search of the perfect tenor in the Boulder/Denver area – luckily our needs and direction are a bit different…


      About the Group:  Our niche is definitely ‘contemporary a Cappella’ – but perhaps better described as “cutting edge”.  Our music set will be extremely diverse: rock/pop (70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today), choral, funk, vocal jazz, ethnic, dance/techno/disco, gospel, and so on.  Really – there’s nothing we won’t try.  At the core of our group is the commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern a Cappella music. 


      Yet, we are serious musicians and no matter how unique the song, we will not sacrifice perfection and subtle musicality.  We’ll tackle complex chords, arrangements and percussion in a professional manner.  As a “vocal band” in the truest sense, we will bring our shared passion for challenging arrangements to a variety of venues previously untapped.  Studio recording will also be an ongoing component of our time together.  And in lieu of our hard work, we will make sure never to loose sight of the most important reason for doing this in the first place – fun.


      This (so-far unnamed) group will be six-voice; currently, we have a tight group of five: Sop, Alto, Tenor, Bass/Bari, and a true Bass2.  Most of us arrange, and can perform vocal percussion.  We have extremely different musical backgrounds, but all share a common love for a Cappella music.  Our ages range from mid-20’s to mid-30’s. 



      About the Tenor:  We are looking for a Tenor 1 to fill out our sound, and allow us to tackle more complicated arrangements.  He should be capable of a variety of solos, but (more importantly) have a knack for blending within difficult arrangements.  Vocal percussion and arranging skills are a definite bonus, as we like to distribute these among all the members.  But above all, the person must be friendly, enthusiastic, have good integrity, and be willing to actively participate within his new musical project. 


      (We should also note, that there are some cases where a “True Alto” can take the place of a T1.  Therefore, we’d also consider auditioning a deep and soulful female voice and experimenting with the blend…)



      Think it’s you, or someone you know?  We’re going to have an absolute blast, and make some incredible music together!  Please give me a call (or drop me a line) and I’ll be happy to discuss more about what we’re up to, the commitment, and audition process. 



      Joseph DiMasi


      w/h: (303) 258-0551







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