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Groove Society hosts CD Release Party Monday night in Boulder

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  • Rol Sharette
    Clear DayWell, a cappellans. I have just returned from a trip east to participate in an annual seasonal musical feast called Spring Sing. Along with other
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2005
      Clear Day
      Well, a cappellans. I have just returned from a trip east to participate in an annual seasonal musical feast called Spring Sing. Along with other activities, I shared my new CD of Groove Society with many of the 250 singers and a cappella enthusiasts on hand. I can't imagine a more excited group of listeners than those who held my earphones to their heads while I watched their eyes pop with excitement and their friends grab the 'phones for a personal listen. This recording was the "talk of the town" with many of the friends I accosted with a "You gotta hear this!"
      Well, now it's your turn, Colorado. Especially those of you within range of Boulder's Redfish on Monday evening. As their 2005 contribution to Bolder A Cappella, the six members of Groove Society will throw the spring's best CD Release Party from 7:30 to 10pm, performing short sets featuring cuts from their new CD which will be on sale to friends and fans who join us for the celebration. During their breaks they'll be autographing CDs and talking with those present about the new album and their excitement to have it so well received.
      Bolder A Cappella, Monday night, May 239. 7:30pm to 10pm
      Redfish Brewhouse, 2027 13th Street, half block north of the Pearl Street Mall.
      You might want to call for a good table. The Redfish phone is 303-440-5858.
      See you Monday night!
      Rol Sharette
      CVJS Program Director
      * * * * * * * * *
      Some of Colorado's most popular vocal bands invade Boulder regularly on specific Mondays. Many of these groups perform mainly for private parties and are not generally available to the public. Bolder A Cappella is produced by the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society at the popular Redfish Brewhouse, a family spot with excellent sight lines and acoustics, competitive prices and no cover. Here's a unique opportunity to sample what's out there. Join us for the fun!
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