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Pop Gospel comes to Bolder A Cappella!

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  • Rol Sharette
    Clear DayOkay, many of you have asked why we don t have more pop-Gospel as part of Bolder A Cappella. You know what? If there s a bunch of groups out there,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005
      Clear Day
      Okay, many of you have asked why we don't have more pop-Gospel as part of Bolder A Cappella. You know what? If there's a bunch of groups out there, it's a big secret.
      But never mind. We have the best of what may be available anyway. And if you come by Redfish this Monday night, you'll hear the best. So, hop on your bike or take the bus to downtown Boulder and enjoy an evening of really super harmony and catchy Gospel tunes!
      Bolder A Cappella, Monday night, May 9. 7:30pm and 8:45pm
      Redfish Brewhouse, 2027 13th Street, half block north of the Pearl Street Mall.
      These singers have more fun than they probably should singing all these country, jazz and pop Gospel favorites for the folks who turn out to catch them. It's just a happy time -- like the day the squirrel got loose in the First Uprighteous Church in Pascagoula! 
      Why not plan to make it a family evening out with Cross Examined? Who knows? The lady in the Blue Hat may be there and that always causes a ruckus like you've never seen.
      And you know, there's no cover. Not even an offering plate. Just lots of good musical fun.
      Stop by for either show (7:30 or 8:45pm) and join the congregation of a cappellists who enjoy Gospel and good solid harmony wherever they find it. Great entertainment, great food, great atmosphere.
      You might oughta call for a good table. The lady with the hat always calls so she can sit right down front. The Redfish phone is 303-440-5858.
      See you Monday night!
      * * * * * * * * *
      Some of Colorado's most popular vocal bands invade Boulder regularly on specific Mondays. Many of these groups perform mainly for private parties and are not generally available to the public. Bolder A Cappella is produced by the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society at the popular Redfish Brewhouse, a family spot with excellent sight lines and acoustics, competitive prices and no cover. Here's a unique opportunity to sample what's out there. Join us for the fun!
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