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Groove Society CD Release

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    IT S DONE! We ve had so many wonderful fans asking for so long, When will you have a CD? I can t wait to buy it! Well, it s finally ready and we think
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      IT'S DONE!
      We've had so many wonderful fans asking for so long, "When
      will you have a CD? I can't wait to buy it!"

      Well, it's finally ready and we think you're gonna love it!
      There's something for everyone on this CD: Jazz, Latin, R&B and
      pop styles all infused with modern jazz voicings and grooves that
      will take over your body!

      "Just when you think you may have heard the `best', a
      vocal group
      completes a long-standing effort to achieve perfection and the
      marker is moved up. From the opening tune, `Oye Como Va'
      the last ballad `When October Goes', the stylish rhythms and
      phrasings, the impeccable harmonies and stunning solos, and the
      driving blend that never falters, all tell you this is a unique
      effort by a very talented ensemble.... the best I could imagine
      placing before the world stage. It's golden. Acquire it any way
      you can!"
      -Rol Sharette, The Colorado Songster

      The CD is available for immediate purchase on our website at

      Or if you would rather purchase the CD in person and have it
      autographed by the group, please come to our CD RELEASE PARTY,
      Monday, May 23, 7:30 PM at the Redfish New Orleans Brewhouse in

      Feel free to log on to our guest book after you listen and let us
      know what you think or join the mailing list to be updated about
      upcoming show that may be in your neighborhood!
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