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Yale Whiffenpoofs In Concert

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  • Rol Sharette
    Clear DayHello A Cappella fans, The Colorado Yale Assn is presenting, with CVJS sponsorship, a once-in-a-generation concert by the famous Yale Whiffenpoofs
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2005
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      Clear Day
      Hello A Cappella fans,
      The Colorado Yale Assn is presenting, with CVJS sponsorship, a "once-in-a-generation" concert by the famous Yale Whiffenpoofs at Macky Auditorium next Saturday, April 23. The reason we use the above expression is because the last time the Whiffenpoofs sang in Boulder was 43 years ago (1962)!
      That concert spawned a lot of campus and local interest in the kind of student a cappella singing group that the Whiffs have provided in New Haven and across the continent for almost 100 years. And that response, in turn, triggered creation of the first of the CU-Boulder groups that emulate this great tradition. Yes, CU's BUFFoons happened to a great extent because of that concert so long ago. In fact, Whiff alumnus, Oak Thorne, got together with some like-minded campus singers and the BUFFoons were born shortly thereafter, recently celebrating their own 40th anniversary.
      Attending this concert is a must for died-in-the-wool a cappellans, so plan to be there at 7:30pm when, opening the program for the Whiffenpoofs, will be the BUFFoons themselves, along with more recent CU mixed group, Extreme Measures. The Whiffenpoofs will charm you with their style, one memorialized in Hollywood movies (Jimmy Stewart as WWII pilot alum, "To the Tables down at Mory's etc." and Cary Grant as Whiff alum Cole Porter) for example, and in a tradition of fine men's singing that draws attention on the Today Show and in the White House.
      To get tickets, you may click on this link: www.cvjs.org, for a Whiff photo and description and then click on the "TicketWeb" link there to go directly to the Whiffenpoof Ticket-Buying page, where you can order tickets in 3 price ranges and have them mailed or held at Will Call for 6:30pm on concert night. You can also go to www.ticketweb.com and follow the search function to find the Whiffenpoof sales.
      TicketWeb also has 12 ticket offices along the Front Range (listed below) where you can buy tickets on the spot. Two of these are in Denver Twist & Shout or Independent Records  and Bart's CD Cellar in Boulder. Of course, tikets will also be available at Macky Auditorium at 6:30pm on concert night. The tickets are $20 for general admission, $10 for students and $40 for the down-in-front "dress circle." Parking is available on campus from the east end of University Avenue for $2 and on nearby off-campus streets at no charge.
      If you need directions to Macky Auditorium on CU's Boulder campus, plug in "1750 E. University" and "Boulder" at the www.mapquest.com search window and you will find competent instructions.
      The concert proceeds will benefit Thorne Ecological Institute, leading environmental education foundation, whose offices are in Boulder.
      Above all, plan to see the 2005 Yale Whiffenpoofs in their first Boulder concert in 43 years -- and support both a cappella and the environment in the process. It's a Colorado thing to do.
      This is too good to be missed.

      Independent Records
      937 E. Colfax Avenue

      Twist & Shout

      300 East Alameda

      Bart's CD Cellar
      1015 Pearl St.

      Colorado Springs
      Independent Records
      123 East Bijou Street

      Independent Records

      3030 E. Platte Avenue

      Independent Records

      3040 W. Colorado Avenue

      Independent Records
      5680 South HWY 85/87

      Fort Collins
      157 N. College Ave

      Independent Records
      420 West 4th Street

      Budget CD's
      3350 Youngfield St.

      See you at Macky on April 23!

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