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Re: [colorado-acappella] moosebutter DETAILS

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  • Joseph DiMasi
    Hi everyone, I m pretty sure that I m the only one on this list who actually lives in Nederland, and familiar with this - how did Tim put it - cultural
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one on this list who actually lives
      in Nederland, and familiar with this - how did Tim put it - "cultural
      event". So, I thought to give my two cents on it.

      Well, what can I say... it's a celebration of a family who faithfully
      fulfills their grandfather's dying request of putting them him on ice -

      They honor the utter strangeness with their own:
      - a parade with hearses and dressing-up like
      - coffin races down the Eldora ski slopes
      - public playing of the movie "Grandpa's Still in the Tough Shed"
      - ... and more that I dare not speak of!

      Something tells me that Moosebutter will be right at home! :)

      So, I have to say that everyone should experience this Day of the Dead
      once before they're on ice. At the very least, it's an opportunity to
      see what can happen to people when they live at a high altitude, with
      too little oxygen, for too long.

      Hope to see y'all in my neck of the woods. Feel free to write me off
      list if you want to connect in Ned.

      ex-member: Face.

      On Mar 6, 2005, at 11:31 AM, Tim wrote:

      > Here's the info on THE SHOWS this coming weekend. moosebutter will be
      > rocking
      > the hizzouse (sp?) in what we're calling the FROZEN DEAD GUY DAYS
      > TOUR THROUGH BOULDER COUNTY WEEKEND TOUR. Bring your grandma, because
      > last
      > time, that thing with her dentures, wow.
      > ALSO we could use a couple of helpers for these shows - if you'd like
      > to hang
      > out with moosebutter and sell stuff for us and get a free T-shirt, let
      > me know.
      > You'll need your own transport to Nederland, Boulder, and / or
      > Longmont.
      > Call me or email if you need more INFO.
      > *********************
      > Friday March 11 7:30 pm at BURNT TOAST corner of 13th and Pennsylvania
      > on the
      > Hill above UC Boulder. FREE ADMISSION. Mostly-improv show. To get
      > there, get
      > on Broadway, and turn on Pennsylvania or 13th - both very near
      > University.
      > Saturday March 12 5:00 pm at NEDERLAND'S FROZEN DEAD GUY DAYS.
      > Concert at the
      > Backdoor Theater - for directions, just ask a local. They all know.
      > Admission: $8 adult, $6 kids. A fullish moosebutter show to wrap up a
      > day of
      > bizarre cultural (?) entertainment. We'll also be in the parade and
      > enertaining
      > at the polar-plunge-for-charity. www.frozendeadguydays.com for info
      > on the
      > fest. mmmm, Cryogenics.
      > Saturday March 12 7:30 pm at BORDERS BOOKSTORE in Longmont. 1101 S.
      > Hover Rd.
      > Another free improv show, this time with INDIGESTION. We will also be
      > performing a musical version of your choice in literary masterworks,
      > in it's
      > entirety. With choreography.
      > --
      > Tim, from moosebutter
      > tim@...
      > (720) 365-3080
      > www.moosebutter.com
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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