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CURIOUS GAGE at Bolder A Cappella Monday: Redfish Music Room

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  • Rol Sharette
    Clear DayThis week s question is, When did you last hear a live a cappella show? And the answer is? . . . . . (pause -- then -- sometime last year? ) . . .
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2005
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      Clear Day
      This week's question is, "When did you last hear a live a cappella show?"
      And the answer is? . . . . . (pause -- then -- "sometime last year?") . . .
      That long?  I can't believe it! Where have you been hangin' out? Obviously not at Redfish in Boulder. At least, obviously not on alternate Mondays, right?
      Okay, so this Monday is coming right up. Where will you spend it?
      Why not come by Redfish at 7:30 or 9pm * to catch some vibes from CURIOUS GAGE, 4 guys from Fort Collins. It's "A Cappella with an Attitude." It's good tuneful fun.
      Curious Gage is the newest Colorado face in contemporary vocal bands. Using nothing but the vocal instruments they were born with, the “Gage” captures the energy and intensity of today’s tightest rock bands. Their unique blend of rock, jazz, pop ands soul unites in perfect harmony. With commanding solos, powerful bass and driving vocal percussion, the new Curious Gage is one group you don’t want to miss. Call Redfish for a reservation or info: 303-440-5858.

      Contact Curious Gage at <www.curiousgage.com> or call 970-377-1069

      Some of Colorado's most popular vocal bands invade Boulder regularly on specific Mondays. Many of these groups perform mainly for private parties and are not generally available to the public. Bolder A Cappella is produced by the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society at the popular Redfish Brewhouse, a family spot with excellent sight lines and acoustics, competitive prices and no cover. Here's a unique opportunity to sample what's out there. Join us for the fun!

      * Please note: The's Camera's "Friday" mag listed the wrong times. It's 7:30 and 9pm.
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