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    As a member of colorado-acappella you may send messages to the entire group using just one email address: . You can also
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2004
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      As a member of "colorado-acappella" you may send messages to the entire group using just one email address: <colorado-acappella@yahoogroups.com>. You can also send attachments like music files or photos to a large group of your Colorado A Cappella friends. Think about how easy it will be to keep up to date on where and how to contact the next event or newest group, as well as what's new and what's happening in our favorite musical genre.
      This "message board" has proved to be a very useful resource for the singers, fans and friends of a cappella in our state. We hope that you will choose to remain subscribed to this group and that you will contribute by posting singing performances and information we would all like to know about. It's also a great place to research needs ("Who's got an arrangement of Up On the Housetop?") and look for old a cappella friends ("Whatever happened to Rare Silk?").
      This board was begun by leading provider and sponsor of international music activities, Primarily A Cappella. Contributing to its maintenance are CASA-Colorado and the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society. If you would like to receive the free quarterly CVJS newsletter, Colorado Songster, please call 888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857) and leave your name, address and phone number.
      In using this service, you should be conscientious about responding to the sender when it's appropriate instead of mass-mailing the whole group. To do that, you will usually click on the sender's email address in the message, rather than clicking on "Reply." 
      Of course, at times you will want to share your response with all of the folks in the <colorado-acappella> group. To send a message to the user network, email <colorado-cappella@yahoogroups.com> and it will reach everyone on our list.
      We realize that not every one will want to participate, but you may know some folks who should be here. Send their email addresses along and we'll see that they're included. If this service is not for you, just reply right now by emailing <colorado-acappella-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com>. The "unsubscribe" option is at the end of every message you receive.
      Just below that link, each transmission will display an ad message or graphic. That's what pays for the service. Neither Primarily A Cappella, CASA-Colorado or CVJS, of course, endorse the advertisers and find these ads quite easy to ignore.
      So, thanks for your attention -- and say hello to your friends in our Colorado network.
      Rol Sharette, moderator
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      www.cvjs.org 888-WIZ-CVJS
      Colorado Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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