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Bolder A Cappella Series Returns in January!!

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  • rjsharette@prodigy.net
    Hello A Cappellists, I know you re all busy in the throws of the holiday season, but we re looking again for new Colorado a cappella groups, as well as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2003
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      Hello A Cappellists,

      I know you're all busy in the throws of the holiday season, but we're looking again for new Colorado a cappella groups, as well as repeating some of our great performing ensembles from the past, to feature in the winter series of our very successful a cappella shows in Boulder. There are three dates still open at this time -- January 12, February 23 and March 22 -- and we like to have at least one new group in the line up.

      The scheduled dates remain on Mondays. Our fall series got off to kind of a slow start, but picked up each week until our current record of approximately 210 folks (not counting hold overs to the 9pm show) jammed in for the two shows by face! last Monday night. Wow! It has sure been fun for all of the groups to sing for folks that come only and specifically to hear good contemporary a cappella music.

      I believe you all know most of the details, but you can review some of the details below, and, of course, I welcome your phone calls with specific questions. Basically, we're looking at continuing our regular schedule and arrangements (why screw around with a good thing, right?).
      The program calls for two 45-50 minute sets or shows, at 7:30 and 9pm. This has proved overall to be the best arrangement.

      Of course, a cappella is the feature of the series, but some groups have inserted voice/guitar solos or other short non-a cappella segments that have usually fit in very well with their presentation. An opening segment in each show that features an up-and-coming group is also welcome, provided we are notified in advance of this and it is limited to 3-4 numbers maximum.

      Boulder A Cappella has no cover and we ask you to participate only on that basis. At the same time, Redfish and CVJS reserve the right to bring in nationally known groups, usually not as part of this series, that will help stimulate new interest in a cappella and in our Boulder offering.

      Bolder A Cappella has benefitted from participation by most of the well known groups in Colorado, and we hope to keep our standards high, yet include the best-in-field of other area groups, especially representing the many styles available including jazz, R&B, folk, Gospel, Doo-Wop (still looking for that one) and Barbershop. You name it; we want to hear it.

      The fee arrangement has been modified to improve your opportunity to make higher fees. As larger audiences are realized (remember, that's part of your job as featured artists), Redfish has agreed to raise the  maximum performance fee to $250 AND provide supper from a special "band menu" for up to five members of your group. In most cases that will be all of you, but some groups will have 8 or more members and that would of course "break the bank." Basically, figure an allotment of $50 as a limit for this discount menu (you will not go away hungry).
      On some occasions we have seen poor turnout, so, were your group to draw as few as 30 people your fee might be as low as $150. That's the base amount. For every person on hand at the first or second show (counting twice), your fee increases by $1.00 up to $250, so with 100 folks on hand between the two counts, you realize your $250 fee. The total of the two counts for face! (including hold overs) was actually 253, so they were way over their target.
      Since most of our groups are now providing their own sound (it's your choice), the fee is contingent upon this and will be reduced by $50 if Redfish has to supply house sound, which is only operated by their house technician.

      Please send an email back to me indicating your interest (or not) and your preference of date(s) and I'll try to return to you by December 15th with a secure offer.

      Thanks for making a cappella important in Colorado!

      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society

      Colorado Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
      phone: 303 413 8774

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