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Re: Greetings from Sweden

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  • rjsharette@prodigy.net
    Hey Colorado a cappellists! Thought some of you might enjoy reading this message from a new CASA Ambassador in Sweden. He s ready to get things done there, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2003
      Hey Colorado a cappellists!
      Thought some of you might enjoy reading this message from a new CASA Ambassador in Sweden. He's ready to get things done there, and with assets like "The Real Group" helping, should find lots to do.
      Read all about the trials and tribulations of a cappella groups in Sweden and you'll find many "been there done that" things to relate to.
      Rol Sharette
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      From: "Joakim Skog" <joakim@...>
      Subject: [casa-amb] Greetings from Sweden

      > Hi all!
      > I thought I'd take a minute
      of your time and introduce myself:
      > I'm Joakim, a 31 year old
      guy from Sweden who just recently was asked to become the CASA Ambassador of Sweden. (Who could resist a challenge like that? :-)
      > I've been
      singing since the age of 10 when I got admitted to the Adolf Fredrik music school here in Stockholm. Almost exclusively choir singing, which was great; I got to travel a lot both in the boys choir and with my class choir, performed at the opera when they needed kids and even did some recording and TV/radio stuff. 
      > In 1999 I and some friends of mine started the
      vocal group VeryEight. Although most of us were still singing in choirs by that time, we felt that it would be nice to do something else for awhile. We had the intention that we would sing both jazz and classical, but when we started working on Swingle Singers arrangements and other things in that genre, there wasn't time for anything else!
      > We have been struggling on for
      almost five years now, with all the troubles it means to be 8 people with somewhat different ambitions and with all the joy that comes with singing with talented people that you've known for long and that you have a great time with. We have been trying to become more "pro" in the sense that we have put together some PR material to use when we approach management people and organizers. It's not easy, but things are starting to get better for us, and hopefully we will soon be able to book gigs on a more regular basis.
      > Since
      we are an amateur group (we only rehearse once a week normally) we are not that dependent on incomes at the moment, but we are currently looking for our own place to rehearse at, and then we suddenly got some expenses to cover. It is going to be exciting to see what happens to us during next year!
      > I don't really know in what way I first was picked up by CASA, but this
      summer I was thinking of starting a forum on the Internet for Scandinavian vocal groups and ensembles. At that time I also wrote a couple of email to CASA to see if there they/you got any ideas about it and maybe if they had got any email addresses that I could use. I never got any reply on those emails though.
      > During this year I also got to know Bill Hare through
      some technical discussions on rmac. Sometime late this summer he wrote that he planned to come to Europe and asked me if I knew any vocal groups in my area that might be interesting for him to meet. I was glad to be of some help, and when he visited us for a weekend in the beginning of October he had a workshop with us in VeryEight, met a girl from a Swedish vocal jazz group called Vocation, and also got to meet Peder Karlsson in the Real Group's studio. Bill also jumped in as our soundman on small gig we had that weekend (where all the fuses went at the same time we went on stage ;-)), and it was after this gig I was asked to join you guys.
      > I'm really excited about this
      and I have a feeling that though it will take some time, vocal groups in Sweden will really benefit in the long run. It wasn't until I searched for email addresses to vocal groups (to tell them about the internet forum) that I found out about a lot of groups, and when I approached them almost everyone seemed grateful that something was happening in this area. My first goal is to try and get people to understand that they have everything to gain from cooperating instead of doing their own isolated thing. The forum isn't really cooking yet, but I have my hopes up and I know it takes time to establish a forum like that.
      > Just the other day I sent out my first newsletter, mostly
      because of the Idea of North concert. (Idea of North won the 2003 International Harmony Sweepstakes) Since I haven't really gotten started with the CASA stuff, it isn't "branded", but next newsletter will be, I promise! I will forward the newsletter to you so you could have a look at it yourselves. If you don't know Swedish it will be kind of hard to understand, but you could always look at the pictures! :-)
      > I have also
      http://www.acappella.se where the forum (today available at http://www.goka.org) will move within short. Sometime in the beginning of next year I hope to launch something that looks more like http://www.acappella-online.de which I think is just great! When acappella.se is ready to be launched we will also organize a vocal group party, to kick of CASAs precense here in Sweden. With "we" in this case, I mean me and Peder from the Real Group who had heard about my ambassadorship from Bill (I guess?) and was really exited about it. Things will be a bit easier with those guys on boards...;-)
      > Ok
      - so that took a little more than a minute of your time, but I'll stop here for awhile and get back to my ordinary job :-)
      > Regards,
      > CASA Ambassador of Sweden
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