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Is it tonight?

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  • rjsharette@prodigy.net
    No, it s NEXT Monday at Redfish in Boulder. That s when measureXmeasure (yeah, they say it measure-by-measure ) will play a special date in the ongoing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2003
      No, it's NEXT Monday at Redfish in Boulder.
      That's when "measureXmeasure" (yeah, they say it "measure-by-measure") will play a special date in the ongoing Bolder A Cappella series to celebrate summer in Colorado. Redfish owner Steve Shenk guarantees a relaxing and pleasant evening on 13th just off the Pearl Street Mall, and the 5 guys in "mXm" guarantee some great music for you.
      Come by after your Monday night bike ride or ferry on over from one of Boulder's suburbs (like Denver?) to catch the 8pm show. You know, it's almost dark by then anyway, so you need to be off the paths. It'll be a long show and there's no cover, so come by later if you like and catch the second half.
      This popular group are on their way from home base Kansas City (the KS one, I think) to California for some special shows and, since they were coming through Colorado, we imposed on them to stop by so we could check them out first hand. Link to their web page at www.measurexmeasure.com for more individual info on Jon, Jason, Dave, Jeff and Cardell.
      Make a note right now. Flip over your calendar page to August and write "mXm: 8pm-Redfish" in the first Monday space. And consider making a reservation to get the best seats before they're gone. Call 303-440-5858.
      Seeya NEXT Monday.
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