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    Hey Colorado A Cappellists! Arguably the greatest a cappella ensemble in the world, the King s Singers swing by the Front Range every couple of years where
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2003
      Hey Colorado A Cappellists!

      Arguably the greatest a cappella ensemble in the world, the King's Singers swing by the Front Range every couple of years where they have many, many fans, including yours truly. I've been attending their concerts since they first came to the US in 1978-ish and love their versatility and quality. They sing any epoch of music like they own it -- and that includes vocal jazz, and all close harmony treatments. Have you heard their spectacular Beatles CD or a super disc called "Street Songs?" And they are really neat guys to meet and talk a cappella with.

      In cooperation with the CSO, the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society is sponsoring discount admission for excellent Orchestra 1 seats for the February 27 KS 7:30pm concert at Boettcher Hall, along with a short but wonderful "Afterglow" at the Executive Tower Hotel across the street following the concert. The King's Singers will be on hand there and will be serenaded with a couple of tunes by "3-Story Limit" (a Swingles knockoff) and their twenty year friends, Colorado's "New Wizard Oil Combination." It's also a party celebrating that group's 30th year! (a founding member of the Wizards is Boulder's Ed Wolff, well known vocal jazz arranger and composer who has contributed three items to the Kings' rep over the years).

      There will be about 50 folks attending the afterglow. The guests are being charged $10 each (this gives us money to pay for the KS evening repast, laid out for them in an adjoining room while the guests get started on their own fun, food and music). There will be a light buffet and cash bar for all. It will last no later than 11:15pm. And wait! Anyone attending the party or purchasing our discount concert tickets will also get free parking for the whole evening in the Executive Tower garage! Can you beat it?

      The fees are thus: $42 concert tix are $34 from CVJS as long as they last. The 9:45-ish Afterglow is provided for only $6 for these folks (i.e. $40 for the package). Those purchasing only afterglow tickets pay $8 each in advance. If there are Afterglow tickets available on concert night (doubtful), they are $10 each. Complicated, huh? But it seems to work; we always do it this way. Thank God for computers! (sometimes<g>)

      Now is the time to purchase your tickets. Do not delay. There are only 40 of these and a good share are already sold. Contact us NOW to make your reservation (which must be followed up by a check right away), or simply send a check with your order completed in the format below:

      King's Singers Concert tix: $34 each. How many? ________
      King's Singers Concert tix plus Afterglow: $40 each. How many? _______
      I have my tix. Afterglow only: $8 in advance. How many? ______

      Total payment enclosed: $ __________

      Make checks payable to CVJS and enclose the above information in your envelope sent to:
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      PO Box 19137
      Boulder, CO  80308-2137

      We need your name, address and a phone number to confirm your order. Send your email too, but a phone number is still important.

      Questions? Leave a message at 888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857) and we'll return your call. We'll also answer appropriate messages on our message board to clue everyone in.

      This is an a cappella event not to be missed. Don't wait too long. There are only so many seats and Boettcher is sure to be sold out.

      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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