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Bolder A Cappella

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Hello A Cappellists, It s time to replace those quiet winter evenings with some smooth a cappella sounds by the greatest ensembles in Colorado. Come to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2003
      Hello A Cappellists,

      It's time to replace those quiet winter evenings with some smooth a cappella sounds by the greatest ensembles in Colorado. Come to Boulder's Redfish on Monday nights and chill out with every kind of quality harmony you can imagine.

      We open on January 13 with everybody's favorite, "COOL SHOOZ", bringing their own brand of jazz, rock and doo-wop to the Redfish music room, with shows at 7:30 and 9pm. Is this fun or what?

      Here's the rest of the schedule, sure to warm those winter Mondays with a variety of a cappella harmonies and rhythms:
      January 27: "5 EASY PIECES" -- 4 gals and a guy to get in the way?
      February 10:  "NEW WIZARD OIL COMBINATION" -- 30 years and no longer counting.
      February 24: "CROSS EXAMINED" -- Dynamic Gospel: a cappella soul food.
      March 10: "LODO AIR BAND" -- One of Colorado's finest, bringing LoDo to Pearl Street.
      March 24: "IN THE BUFF" -- Here's one of those fun and fearless CU student ensembles.

      Where will you be on these Monday nights? We hope you'll enjoy some great food and drink at Redfish. where a cappella lives in Boulder. No admission or cover: 13th north of the Pearl Street Mall.

      Seeya on January 13.

      Rol Sharette
    • rjsharette@aol.com
      Hey bands! We re gradually filling out the Bolder A Cappella Spring Series at Redfish Brewhouse. If you haven t already committed and are interested in
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 26, 2003
        Hey bands!

        We're gradually filling out the Bolder A Cappella Spring Series at Redfish Brewhouse. If you haven't already committed and are interested in performing in Colorado's premiere contemporary a cappella series, get in touch with me right away. We're still open on a couple of dates and can still switch some around to meet your schedules. The dates include the following Mondays: April 14 and 28; May 12 (then we skip Memorial Day); and June 2, 16 and 30.

        As most of you know, Redfish is a great a cappella environment; the lighting and sound work very well for most groups (you can also bring your own); the crowd is enthusiastic and happy (it's definitely a family oriented experience); and you get paid! If you have the time, we'd love to have you on the list, especially if you haven't been there yet.

        Just today, I confirmed that our season opening event will be the show-stopping "5 O'Clock Shadow" from Boston's great a cappella scene. We also hope to include the winner of the just-held Harmony Sweeps in the schedule, so the dates are getting tight. Let's see if your vocal band has what it takes to fill up the Redfish Music Room and have the musical time of your life!

        Don't wait. When the last couple of dates are filled, it'll be too late until fall.

        Lemme hear from you NOW!

        Rol Sharette
        program director, CVJS
        Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
        Colorado Ambassador, CASA
        Contemporary A Cappella Society
        888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857)
      • Rol Sharette
        Clear Day Here s a salute to community a cappella in Colorado: Bolder* A Cappella arranged its first club appearance by a resident Colorado group on January
        Message 3 of 3 , Jun 10, 2005
          Clear Day
          Here's a salute to community a cappella in Colorado:
          Bolder* A Cappella arranged its first 'club' appearance by a resident Colorado group on January 30, 2001. The relatively new Boulder jazz club, EnVie, had become well known by then and was open to a "new idea" for its entertainment roster. A series of semi-weekly a cappella groups was arranged and opening night drew near. Two days before, the club operator was shut down due to overdue lease payments and that was the quick end of what seemed so promising.
          Actually the club operator appealed to the property owner and was permitted to stay open one more night so our a cappella fans could be satisfied. It was an evening of mixed emotions featuring a great group called Storm Front and a packed house of soon to be disappointed a cappella fans. Two months before, the California group SoVoSo had appeared there at a concert afterglow sponsored by the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society; that's when the Bolder A Cappella idea was born.
          After scouring the Boulder night life scene rather desperately for a replacement venue, the series was reincarnated at a popular brewhouse and restaurant called Redfish, just off the Pearl Street Mall. That was April 6, 2001 and it's lived at this very hospitable spot ever since, thanks in part to efforts by CVJS, who provide its modest promotional expenses, thanks to the granddaddy of all Colorado pop a cappella groups, the Wizards.**
          That's seventy-six Monday evening two-show programs in the ensuing four plus years. These have featured 32 different groups, almost all from Colorado. In that time almost 7,000 patrons have been on hand to hear about 120 hours of contemporary a cappella. Okay, so that's a really small crowd at the 'Can',*** but, for a town like Boulder, it's probably something of a record.
          The groups have all been paid for their appearances, with the club footing the bill, thereby requiring no cover and no minimum for the attendees. Performance fees have steadily increased, offered by Redfish owner Steve Shenk, who has always had a hidden affinity for a cappella that permits him to take chances that he'll come out alright in the long run. It has probably become a labor of love, since Bolder A Cappella has had its packed houses -- and sometimes, its rather disappointing turnouts.
          It's always family night in the very accommodating "music room" beyond the long bar, with kids and their parents, college students, and adults of all ages on hand, depending on the group performing. Steve's very accommodating staff have assiduously monitored the attendees, with no "inappropriate refreshment" incident ever appearing. The groups gain performing experience, increase followings and make a reasonable fee for themselves as they provide Boulder with yet another of its eclectic offerings in the entertainment scene.
          It's quite likely when fall of 2000 rolls around and Coloradans begin coming back indoors, another series of six 2-show evenings will again be added to the Redfish entertainment-every-night schedule. And a winter and spring series will likely follow. A lot of Denver Metro folks hope that will happen -- and so do a score of groups eager to try out next season's new arrangements, recently replaced vocalists and improved presentation ideas. Fans will show up; we're sure of that.
          A Cappella is very alive here.

          * Yes, it's "Bolder," honestly stolen from the world famous 10k race as a tribute to its challenge to the enthusiasts who participate in a cherished activity.

          ** The Wizards are the "New Wizard Oil Combination," who form most of the board of the tax exempt Colorado Vocal Jazz Society and serve up some of their modest gig money to cover BAC mailings and other promotional costs.

          *** Affectionate term for Denver's huge Pepsi Arena.

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