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2002 A Cappella Community Awards!

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Hello Colorado a cappellists and friends, It s time to vote for the A Cappella Community Awards for 2002! This is the third year you fans of our favorite music
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2002
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      Hello Colorado a cappellists and friends,

      It's time to vote for the A Cappella Community Awards for 2002!

      This is the third year you fans of our favorite music have been asked to voice your approval for certain groups and individuals you consider to be tops in our quest for the best in a cappella.

      Like the CARAs, the A Cappella Community Awards recognize the best of the best in a cappella music, dishing out kudos in several areas. Group categories include pop/rock, barbershop, doo-wop, folk/world, religious, classical, jazz and comedy. Individual awards are also given for best male/female vocalist, vocal percussionist, songwriter, and arranger.

      The key difference is this: rather than being voted on by a small group of those "in the business" like the CARAs process, these 'ACAs' are voted on by you -- the public. That means the whole public -- you, your mom, your best friend, et cetera. Voting is open to anyone astute enough to know about it (and now you know about it -- so VOTE!)

      Votes can be cast by either:
      1) printing out the handy-dandy form on the enclosed PDF file, filling it in, and snail-mailing or faxing it to the address given, or
      2) e-mailing your vote directly to
      aca@..., using the email "fill-in" form below.

      Alas, each individual can only vote once, so don't use both methods or your vote could be disqualified. Of course, you're more than welcome to get as many people as you can to vote ... in fact, please do! The ACAs need as much support from the public as we can get.

      Voting is open until December 31, 2002, so don't put it off. The winners will be announced on February 1, 2003.

      Don't pass up this opportunity to make an impact. We have a lot of great Colorado groups and experts to vote for, but your vote can go towards any group or individual worldwide that you believe deserves recognition.

      E-mail any questions or input to your friendly neighborhood ACA Coordinators, Julia Berkley and Ben D'Angelo: aca@....

      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society

      (Copy out the following ballot and paste it in an email message window. Then fill in your choices -- pick and choose your interests -- and email this message to aca@.... It's that easy!)

      ////////////////////////////////////// (Copy below and paste in your message block)

      Your Name:
      City, state/prov/zip/postal code:
      Phone number:
        (The above info is required, but will not be shared outside of CASA.)

      Select your Favorite . . . (currently active group -- recording or performing)

      Pop/Rock Group:
      Barbershop Group:
      Doo-Wop Group:
      Folk/World Group:
      Religious Group:
      Classical Group:
      Jazz Group:
      Comedy Group:

      Male Vocalist:
      Female Vocalist:
      Vocal Percussionist:

      (Feel free to vote only in the categories with which you feel comfortable.)

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