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Update on m-pact

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  • rjsharette@prodigy.net
    Several of you asked about whether m-pact s lost van, trailer and equipment were insured. Here s the scoop from Marco. As I thought, coverage for touring
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2002
      Several of you asked about whether m-pact's lost van, trailer and equipment were insured. Here's the scoop from Marco. As I thought, coverage for touring equipment is prohibitively expensive, so they frankly came up short in that respect. As an alternative, they would normally hope to cover some through clauses on homeowners' insurance, but as he says below, they screwed up. Here's an excerpt:
      ". . . the vehicle and trailer were fully insured up to the blue-book value. Prospects are okay -- ‘97 van w/ over 180K miles on it.  Won’t be enough to buy a new van, but will give us a start. The cargo was not insured. True, it could have been partly covered by my own homeowner’s insurance, but my condo building had a huge flood awhile back, which caused me to lose my insurance due to the size of our claims. Yep, screwed up and are paying the penalty all the way around. But we’ll figure something out."
      He also says they appreciate our ideas to help, but wouldn't feel right about any group forwarding part of their fees or doing anything like that. As he says, "all groups everywhere are in the same boat when it comes to making money in the music biz. M-pact will just have to look at this temporary set-back as just that.  Besides, there is always much to be grateful for. Just time to work harder and kick butt."
      He suggests that they may try to set up a Metro area date down the road a bit and would like to ask all groups to make a special effort to promote that event for them with their own contacts and mailing lists. "We wouldn’t want to take anyone’s mailing lists per se; but if Trist can work up a future show in the area, it would help us if other groups would send out a “hey, come check these guys out” email to each of their lists. Wouldn’t cost anyone a dime. And whenever any of those groups comes to Seattle, we’d be happy to return the favor."
      Sounds like a win-win to me. Let's see what Trist can come up with. Meanwhile, thanks for your notes of concern and advice.
      Rol Sharette

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