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Colotrado's cruel blow to m-pact

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  • rjsharette@prodigy.net
    Re: Ouch!Folks, Here is some additional info from Marco Cassone of m-pact (the kinda good looking one) . Marco replied to my sympathy note to the group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2002
      Re: Ouch!
      Here is some additional info from Marco Cassone of m-pact (the kinda good looking one) <g>.
      Marco replied to my 'sympathy' note to the group indicating the severe hole this event has put in m-pact's plans, programs and pocketbook. Their practically total capital worth was in that vehicle, over $85,000 in equipment, CDs and other property gathered in their 7 years' existence.
      This Sunday's benefit in Lakewood may get them a small start on financial recouping (the cops likely don't hold out much hope for actual recovery of the property), but they have a long road to go to get back where they were. Can anyone come up with any other Colorado ideas to help them?
      Picture your group in a similar circumstance. Let's look down the road to what any of us might do to help.
      ~ A Colorado "group festival" concert to benefit m-pact?
      ~ A donation of 10% of fees collected thru Dec 31 from every CO group that wants to participate?
      ~ Donation boxes at regular concerts and clubs where m-pact has played and/or CO groups have played?
      I don't know what might work, but after m-pact's 'impact' on Colorado a cappella, I hope we could do something. Do you recall the series of benefits m-pact gave as a follow up to Columbine? Are you aware of the contribution they have made to keeping the Colorado Vocal Jazz Camp alive and effective? Did you know how active they were making contributions to the Red Cross after 9/11? I know a lot of our groups have been equally as effective, but most of us don't earn our livelihood in this business (don't we wish?).
      A lot of good things have come out of Greeley, and m-pact is certainly one of them.
      Let's look into our own situations and see how and where the Colorado a cappella community (there are over 200 of you on the message board alone) can help pick up the pieces for five of our professional brethren who could use a little encouragement right now. I'm reworking the fall "Colorado Songster" right now to include an article about this loss and m-pact's local connections. Knowing we are behind them and respect what they do could mean worlds to their ability to stay positive and get back on top.
      Right away, I'll try to bring together a "Bolder A Cappella" effort to participate. How about you all?
      Rol Sharette
      <colorado-acappella> moderator
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