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Fall Colorado Songster

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Hello A Cappella enthusiasts, You are likely a recipient of the Colorado Songster quarterly newsletter and probably affiliated with the Colorado Vocal Jazz
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2002
      Hello A Cappella enthusiasts,

      You are likely a recipient of the Colorado Songster quarterly newsletter and probably affiliated with the Colorado Vocal Jazz Society and/or CASA-Colorado. If you don't receive the newsletter and would like to, please send your snailmail address and telephone number to this email address.

      The purpose of this message is to see if you wish to consider providing information about your activities, or a group with which you are affiliated, for:
      (1) the CVJS website <www.cvjs.org>,
      (2) the Colorado Songster (from CVJS), or
      (3) the Contemporary A Cappella Society International Newsletter (CAN).

      We are interested in information about your vocal group or related activity to be used as a "CVJS Profile" article in the next issue of Colorado Songster. This would require sending us background and current info as well as contact info, a digital photo, logos and anything else that might be applicable. Your icon link, title and description might also be placed on the CVJS website.

      Basically, first priority information is for the calendars in these publications, with information for short articles also welcome. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

      These information venues publish at different dates, so right now we are looking at information for October through January which you would like to see published. The rule of thumb is that the preponderance of performing information or performances be devoted to a cappella presentation, especially as vocal jazz or contemporary a cappella (CAC) with consideration given to other formats such as Accompanied Vocal Groups, Barbershop, Gospel, etc. The current Colorado Songster deadline is September 20.

      The website, of course, is ongoing and does not display a calendar.

      The next deadline for CAN input is October 1.

      You can send digital information (including photos) to me at <rjsharette@...> or in hard copy, to CVJS, PO Box 19137, Boulder 80303-2137 (please let me know by email if you have snail mail on the way).

      Meanwhile, here is the format in which we would like to get your calendar input:

      Date (assume within next 4-5 months)
      Name of Group or Sponsoring Organization and Name of Event
      Venue (e.g. auditorium) and brief address
      City (in CO or nearby), fee (if known) and phone number for tickets (if applicable)

      The Colorado Songster also publishes a "Classified Column" and welcomes listings from any side of the equation: groups looking for members, singers looking for groups or organizations looking for performance groups or individuals. Please provide such information in the following format:

      Category of need: as above
      Group or individual name and location
      Short description of need
      Contact phone and/or email address.

      If your group has any news to announce -- new albums, new members, awards, media appearances or other tidbits -- please send information (and photos?) along also. These may be published in the Colorado Songster or in CAN.

      Finally, the Colorado Songster is also offering advertising space at very reasonable rates. If you have a product to offer or a service or performance to provide to some of the 600+ subscribers to our newsletter, you can buy commercial space (music stores, studios, other firms) for $40 for a 2" column (3.8" wide) and $10 for each added inch up to 5" (1/4 page). Vocal groups and related activities can advertise for $25 for 2" and $5 for added inches, max: 5". If your ad is not camera ready or in digital form, a setup charge of $10 and $5 is applicable. Call me with questions: 303-413-8774.

      Thanks for your help in encouraging support for contemporary a cappella music in our state.

      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
      Info line: 888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857)

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