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Perform as part of Bolder A Cappella at Redfish!

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Hello A Cappellists, I m sending this to our message board to give any Colorado a cappella group the opportunity to participate in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2002
      Hello A Cappellists,

      I'm sending this to our <colorado-acappella> message board to give any Colorado a cappella group the opportunity to participate in the fall series of Bolder A Cappella at the Redfish Brewhouse on 13th north of the Mall in Boulder. The groups that performed in the spring and summer have been very well received (come and hear the last one, 3-Story Limit, on 8/19), so we of course want to spread the opportunity around. In any case, we're eager to know your level of interest.

      In fact, we are currently looking at yet another opportunity in the Denver Metro area -- and those who have already done Bolder A Cappella may want to consider this alternative. Lots of info to share, but let me hit the most important things now and fill you in on other details as we go along.

      The dates and schedule are:
      Tuesdays, September 10 and 24
      Tuesdays, October 8 and 22
      Tuesdays, November 5 and 19

      Why Tuesdays when Mondays have been so successful? Several reasons, the big one being MNF, or Monday Night Football. All entertainment venues must deal with MNF in the fall and, while Redfish is not a Sports Bar, it nevertheless is impacted by MNF. Also, Steve Shenk is impressed enough with Bolder A Cappella to move his entertainment schedule around to provide new opportunities in the future. More on that later.

      The program still calls for two 45-50 minute sets, at 7:30 and 9pm. That should work well for most of you, I believe. There's no cover, but the fee structure is modestly different beginning in September, with a $150 base, but $200 instead for any group that provides its own sound. Thus, Steve is passing along to the groups his potential savings in operating the house sound. As those of you who have been there know, the music room is separated from the dining room by a long bar, and holds about 100 with good sight lines and lighting, so invite everyone you can think of. If we continue to increase our audience size, future groups should benefit from higher fees; if the crowds get slim, we'll have to compromise to keep it going. You're still permitted to negotiate your own fees, but until we prove there's a consistent audience for a cappella in Boulder, the above fees will apply.

      Please let me know of your potential interest as soon as possible. I have had many inquiries, so I expect to have the schedule filled in a couple of weeks. All types of a cappella are welcome, including doo-wop, jazz, CAC, gospel, Barbershop and folk. We really want to provide as diverse a series as possible. College, community, pro and teen groups are encouraged to respond. While the restaurant does serve alcohol, hospitality is carefully monitored and all patrons are carded at the tables.

      Additionally, we are looking at a separate Holiday schedule with two groups sharing an evening and a shorter, but more frequent December schedule. If you expect to have Holiday repertoire, you can also indicate this option instead of or in addition to the fall series.

      Please give this some thought and email your questions or interest to me at
      <rjsharette@...>. I can also email you an information sheet with more specific details.

      Check your calendars for the above dates and make sure you're ready to impress nighttime Boulder with your great sounds!

      Rol Sharette
      CVJS program director
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