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Fw: [colorado-acappella] ILLICIT MARKETING INCURSION

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  • Roland Sharette
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
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      > TO: <m0ney_maker2007@...>
      > You are unwelcome on this board and Yahoo has been notified of your
      > incursion. I will personally see that you are bombed with rejections and
      > your email identity and its source are destroyed.
      > Stay away and take your unwelcome and illicit business elsewhere.
      > Roland Sharette
      > moderator
      > PS to message board members: Do NOT contribute any money or snailmail
      > response to this scammer. I apologize for his incursion and have contacted
      > Yahoogroups to seek his email account demise.
      > Because <colorado-acappella> has an "open door policy" it's easier for
      > sammers to enroll, blast our members and disenroll immediately. Please
      > ignore this intrusion on your privacy and work with us to kill the illegal
      > marketing operations operating across the web.
      > We would be interested in hearing form any of you who believe we should
      > close subscriptions to the board without moderator approval.
      > Rol Sharette
      > moderator
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