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Wild fires postpone the music!

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  • rjsharette@aol.com
    Hello Colorado A Cappellans, Too bad, but life goes on . . . Boulder area group Harmonia was scheduled at Redfish last Monday night, July 22. They are a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2002
      Hello Colorado A Cappellans,

      Too bad, but life goes on . . .

      Boulder area group "Harmonia" was scheduled at Redfish last Monday night, July 22. They are a jazz-pop contemporary a cappella ensemble that's been around for many years, performing at their own semiannual concerts and traveling to schools and neighborhood centers with their nicely blended repertoire. In light of the exceptional audience response to the spring series, Steve Shenk at Redfish asked for some summer dates and I asked Harmonia if they were ready to try a club gig. They gulped and said yes.

      They put their two sets together and we had a very comfortable sound check on July 14. Everything was set. However . . .

      I was called last Saturday morning by distraught "Harmonia" alto, Linda Tipton from Pinewood Springs, whose home was in great danger from the Big Elk fire and whose husband had been fighting that fire since Tuesday night. She reported that Harmonia top tenor Scott Anderson was a neighbor and also a volunteer fire fighter, who had not been heard from directly since Tuesday night either. She wanted to warn me that the Monday night performance was in doubt. Director Christina Hildebrandt was out of town for the weekend attending a music seminar. I asked Linda to have someone keep me informed.

      She called back on Sunday. The situation had not changed; she and a team of neighbors had spent all day Saturday building a firebreak behind their homes. She said, even if Scott were released in time, he would be exhausted from 2 hours sleep for 4-5 nights and she herself felt too upset to sing Monday night. I called another group contact who confirmed the situation was serious and felt we should cancel. So I sadly called Steve Shenk at Redfish and we posted the cancellation notices.

      Since Redfish had a scheduled blues band cancel for next Monday, Steve suggested Harmonia return on July 29 if they could. That arrangement has now been confirmed and the group is regrouping for their "club debut." We're happy that the schedule will be maintained and want to be sure everyone has the word that this plucky ensemble will provide sets at 7:30 and 9pm. Crowds for a cappella have been great through the spring and we hope some summer folks will also come by. How about you?

      The next evening will be Monday, August 19, when the popular sextet, "3-Story Limit" will perform. The fall series begins the week after Labor Day.

      Rol Sharette
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