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Is your group listed in the CASA directory?

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  • Roland Sharette
    Hello again Colorado a cappellists, Don t mean to be a pest, but if I don t pass this on right away, it ll get eaten in my filing system and I ll never find it
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2002
      Hello again Colorado a cappellists,
      Don't mean to be a pest, but if I don't pass this on right away, it'll get eaten in my filing system and I'll never find it again.
      Better that should happen in *your* filing system.
      You and (assuming you're involved in an a cappella group) your ensemble need to be a member of CASA. There used to be group memberships and I'm trying to find out if they still exist, so we'll deal with that later. Nevertheless, ONE of you needs to be getting the newsletter, sending for arrangements and doing all the other good things CASA offers as part of being a part of -- or part-ner of -- any part-ition of this part-icular organization. After all, it's only 20 bucks.
      In that regard, one of the services CASA offers is a listing, description and link for any semi-pro or pro group with a website that wants such recognition. And why would you not? What, you're afraid someone might call you for a gig? This service is not exclusive, except that it's not intended to include official school or university listings. If someone out there can define the difference between semi-pro and avocational or community, I'll listen to you, but I've come to believe it's impossible to draw that fine line. So, list away!
      Here are the latest particulars in summary from the directory coordinator, Jim Frewen:
      "The page <http://www.casa.org/groups/profes.html>, displayed as "Professional Groups" on the CASA site, will be updated once each week to include virtually all groups out there. I invite you to visit this page and randomly browse through it. It will be like taking an a cappella journey around the world. It's truly amazing to discover what interesting a cappella groups are out there. The links include any a cappella groups who are not college or high school affiliated.

      As CASA is a global organization, my aim is make this list of groups as exhaustive and international in scope as possible. It will be a long process. There are, for example, over 200 a cappella groups in Germany, most of which aren't included yet (I will get to them).

      If you are in a group with a website, and your link is not there, please e-mail me and I will attempt to make sure (unless I get bombarded) it's included in  the next week's version of the file. If  your link is there, please check that it's okay and that I have more or less correctly described your group. There are some basic rules I'm trying to follow with these descriptions:
         1) Try to avoid using superlative adjectives as much as possible (even if they're true).
         2) The description is not for promoting CDs and upcoming events (that's what your web site is for).
         3) If a group achieves something momentous, like National Harmony Sweepstakes champions, I may include it.
         4) Because I'm the one doing the hard work, I get to choose what will be included in the description and may edit whatever you send. :-)

      There is a link at the top of the directory page for contacting CASA re: additions, corrections. Feel free to click on this link or e-mail me directly at jimfrewen@....  Either way, it will get to me."
      Fire away!
      Rol Sharette, program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      Colorado Co-Ambassador, CASA
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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