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Harmony Sweepstakes is this Sunday!

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  • Roland Sharette
    Hi Rocky Mtn. Harmony Sweepstakes Supporters! This year s festival is coming right up this Sunday at 2pm, Colorado Hts. Theatre. Don t miss seven dynamic
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2011

      Hi Rocky Mtn. Harmony Sweepstakes Supporters!


      This year’s festival is coming right up this Sunday at 2pm, Colorado Hts. Theatre. Don’t miss seven dynamic groups and great celebrity judges including Colorado’s music maven, Lannie Garrett and Jake Schroeder, lead singer of Opie Gone Bad! For complete details and ticket info go to


      Click on the TicketHorse logo to purchase online or make a phone order.


      Please note - online sales close Saturday afternoon. Tickets will be available at the door – CASH ONLY.   

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      For info & ticket purchase go to

      Hosted by 2009 Rocky Mountain champs...

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      This year's competing groups...

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      A Cappella is hot! The second season of the hit prime-time a cappella show, “The Sing-Off” was a great success as its season premier gathered an impressive 8.5 million viewers which, according to the New York Times, is "some of the best numbers of the year for any show on that network."

      “The Sing-Off” is based on the long-running national music competition “The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival” which is celebrating its 27th season this year. This prestigious music festival has a tradition of presenting some of the finest vocal harmony groups performing today with regional shows across the country that offer groups the opportunity to perform in front of enthusiastic audiences and celebrity judges. Winners of each regional event are provided airfare and hotel rooms for two nights in the San Francisco Bay Area and the opportunity to compete at the National Finals on May 14, 2011.

      This year’s competition will be judged by: Lannie Garrett, Erin Hackel, Tony Huerta, Jake Schroeder, Don Tallman.
      The audience will also vote for their favorite and all of the groups will take the stage at the end of the show to perform a special, new song.





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