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  • Roland Sharette
    Some of you may not have seen this. Just in case you have aspirations or friends . . . (hopefully you have both ), here it is: Dear friends and fans, This is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2001
      Some of you may not have seen this. Just in case you have aspirations or friends . . . (hopefully you have both<g>), here it is:

      Dear friends and fans,

      This is Marco from m-pact, writing to share some difficult, but ultimately very positive news: Time for another member change in m-pact.

      Our powerhouse high tenor, Greg, has decided to pursue his talents in the world of session and jingle singing. Greg was the soulful voice right under our high lead, Britt. We send him on to a bright future with support and blessings.

      Of course it is always difficult to undergo a mini-divorce of this nature, but everything in life grows and changes. For the four of us still carrying on the m-pact vision, we see this transition as our chance to evolve m-pact to a new level in our career and in our music. And in taking stock of all the great projects, events, tours, and recordings(!) lined up for us this year, we can't wait to jump into this next exciting, new chapter of m-pact. Sooo...


      Following is the press release and audition notice our Executive Agent posted for us.  Please do us a HUGE favor and pass the announcement on to anyone (within the US) who has seen, heard, or knows of m-pact; is a professional musician; or is in touch with people who are good resources of talent. It would be especially helpful if you could find out and forward this notice to a cappella groups in your area, as well as local community, college, and church choral directors.

      We've found over the years that you NEVER know who might be connected to the right person. So please help us by spreading the word FAST. We need and sooo appreciate your help!  And thank you for continuing to keep alive your belief in m-pact. We promise never to let growing pains get in the way of our music.

      Hope to see you at a performance sometime soon!


      Oh, and here's that audition notice to send on... THANKS!


      Subject: m-pact seeks powerhouse high tenor immediately!
      Date: 2/13/01 10:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

      This is a golden opportunity for the right person!

      m-pact, one of the world's finest and foremost pop-jazz-funk a cappella quintets, has an immediate opening for a super-high first tenor/male alto. If you believe you have what it takes, are a perfect match, and can relocate to Seattle right away for this full-time career, please contact Britt Quentin via e-mail at britt@... to schedule an interview and audition.

      Prerequisites: legitimate vocal training; college degree, preferably in music; powerful solo voice also capable of extreme blendabilty; excellent pitch and ear; versatility of musical styles; songwriting, music education and arranging skills a major plus; up-beat attitude and a true road warrior; very *group* oriented and willing to contribute for the benefit group; between 22-30 years of age; *in shape* and choreographically adept.

      This will be a full-time, salaried position involving recording sessions for the group's fourth CD and touring concert halls and music/jazz festivals all around the globe: Europe; Canada; Southeast Asia; North Africa; South America, and all across the United States (m-pact has major tours booked into the fall of 2002).  Minimum two-to-five year commitment.

      Regular fans of vocal music are already aware of m-pact's high profile and respect. They have appeared with some of the biggest names in the business and have received an enviable amount of praise, critical acclaim, and awards. Those unfamiliar with the group may wish to visit their web site http://www.m-pact.com.

      Contact info: britt@...

      Thanks for your attention... and may the best voice win.
      Marco, Trist, Britt and Jake
         to contact m-pact by email: email@...
          m-pact on the web:  http://www.m-pact.com
            order m-pact CDs and t-shirts online
             To book m-pact call 206.517.5981
                 email: trist@...

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