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Pass this along to everyone a cappella - The 2010 Mile High Vocal Jam - News

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  • Tony Huerta
    Hello everyone, you are all invited! IT S ALL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! Tony here from Sonic Audio, Take 6, Ex-17th Avenue Allstars, It s Mile High Vocal Jam
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2010
      Hello everyone, you are all invited!  IT'S ALL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!

      Tony here from Sonic Audio, Take 6, Ex-17th Avenue Allstars,

      It's Mile High Vocal Jam time!!!  http://mhvj.org

      Some of you know about the Vocal Jam this year and some don't.  If you know of anyone that would be interested in attending, please pass this on to them.

      The Jam has gotten bigger this year.  Here are the big points:

      -  M-Pact will perform
      -  Basix from Denmark (incredible award winning group) will share the stage and close the show
      -  LaQuinta Inn is our Hotel partner/sponsor
      -  We have clinicians from across the US coming in to share their knowledge on literally every topic you can think of. 
             ******Dave Brown of Mouthoff Podcast, Matthew Selby of Disney, Jonathan Minkoff of Blue Jupiter, and more!******
      -  There will be an open mic night for all groups interested in performing!!!!  Sunday November 7th.  Don't worry, the Broncos have a Bye week!

      Dates - November 5-7, 2010, see details below...

      Nov 5th - Professional International concert opened by Mile 21, the 2009 collegiate competition winners.  And finished by M-Pact and Basix.  All taking place at Casselman's Venue http://casselmans.com
      Nov 6th - Clinics all day on everything from Music Law, Advanced Vocal Percussion.  Not to mention, arranging, song writing, performance techniques, sound production, CD production....  Everything!!
              Plus the Annual Beatbox competition at lunch while we all eat free!!  (lunch is provided on Saturday).  All at DU near I-25 and University Blvd.
      Nov 7th - The first annual A Cappella Open Mic night for any and every group that wants to perform.  40% of ticket sales go back to the groups as payment!!  Back at Casselman's Venue http://casselmans.com


      Tickets are available as a group or as individuals on http://MHVJ.ORG

      Thank You,

      Tony Huerta
      MHVJ Producer
      Take 6 & NoTa Production Manager
      (303) 668-7229

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