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Can you help support 52eighty Chorus?

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  • Mike Davidson
    Good evening friend, If you are receiving this it s because you probably live in Colorado, and are involved in a cappella music and are a member of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2010

    Good evening friend,


    If you are receiving this it’s because you probably live in Colorado , and are involved in a cappella music and are a member of the Colorado-Acappella email list.


    My name is Mike Davidson.  You may remember me from my recent quartet, NeXus or as the son of the baritone of Colorado ’s only International Champion quartet, Classic Collection…Or maybe you don’t know me at all!


    Recently, I have been heavily involved in singing with, supporting and managing a group of young guys from all over Colorado called 52eighty.   Check out our website:  www.52eightychorus.com.  In short, we were a group formed out of a dream by 5 or 6 guys from the Sound of the Rockies chorus in Denver .  We started last year in hopes to win the 2nd Annual International Youth Chorus Contest held at the annual Midwinter convention. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, we were very fortunate to win 2nd place overall (by a mere 19 points) in the competition and are excited to be heading back again to Tampa , Florida at the end of this month to do it all over again!  http://www.barbershop.org/youth-zone/youth-chorus-festival.html


    We are taking a group of 30 guys from the age of 15 all the way up to me (I’ve hit the age limit of the competition at 30 – and this will be my last year) on our trip to Tampa on January 29th.  Our average age is 22.1!   We are made up of guys from local high schools, some of the area colleges and universities and even have a few guys who will be coming from local states like Nebraska and Arizona where they attend college.  As well as a few hard working “young” men like myself from the Denver-Metro Area.  Most if not all of us are struggling students, some young parents supporting kids through pre-school, or working our way through tough times, and some of our guys do not have jobs.  We have members represented from Sound of the Rockies , The Denver MountainAires and the Longmont Chorus and are really singing well!  As you can imagine, getting 30 guys to Tampa Florida is not easy (or cheap).  This is why I’ve emailed you tonight asking for your help.


    If you are a leader in your group or organization we hope that you will forward this note on to your group’s email list and will consider supporting these fine young singers in Colorado with a donation to 52eighty.  If you are an individual, we hope that you will also consider making a donation and will forward this email on to as many of your friends as possible. 


    You can support us in many ways:

    1)       Send a check to my home address I’ve provided below.  All checks can be made out to the Denver Mile High Chapter and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as we are a non-profit group.

    2)       Go to our website and make a donation through PayPal located in the lower half of the homepage.

    3)       Come to our Fundraiser Concert on Saturday -- January 23rd.  Please see the attached flyer.

    4)       If you can’t support us financially, email me your words of encouragement and I will send them along to the guys.


    I thank you so much for considering a donation to this worthwhile group.  We are doing many great things to attract younger members into barbershop.  Although not all of our members are society members yet, we have been successful recruiting around 12 new members to the Barbershop Harmony Society over the last year.


    I know the last few years have been hard for us all, and it’s not an easy time to ask.  Please know that even $1 will help us reach our goal of around $13,000 to cover the expenses of our trip.


    Please call me or email with questions or well wishes for our guys.  I will do my best to respond and read your notes of encouragement to our youngsters. 


    Thank you so much for your support,


    Mike Davidson

    Cell: 303.720.1866

    10185 Park Meadows Drive #314

    Lone Tree CO 80124


    52eighty - President

    Denver's Newest Youth A Cappella Chorus



    Sound of the Rockies –Marketing VP

    Three Time International Bronze Medalist Chorus

    Eight Time Rocky Mountain District Champion Chorus



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