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A Cappella hits NBC tonight through Wednesday

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  • Roland Sharette
    Colorado A Cappella fans, This week NBC is experimenting with a new show along the lines of American Idol, only it s all A cappella! The Sing-Off
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2009
      Colorado A Cappella fans,
      This week  NBC is  experimenting with  a new show along the lines of American Idol, only it’s all A cappella!  The “Sing-Off”  program will showcase a cappella groups competing for a $100,000 first prize and a Sony recording contract. The competition will premiere tonight: Monday, December 14 on NBC at 8pmET/7pmRMT . Additional episodes (all at 8pm//7pm) will air Tuesday, December 15 and Wednesday, December 16, with the season finale on Monday, December 21. Each installment will run two hours. Nick Lachey is hosting and the performances will be critiqued by singer Ben Folds, Boyz II Men member Shawn Stockham, and a rotating guest judge who will be announced each night.
      To be able to see this come true in our lifetime is somewhat of a miracle. Although A cappella has been pretty much disregarded by the music industry for the past 40 years it has survived, thrived and it’s now very alive! It began on the street corners of Jersey City, New York City and other urban centers along the 'a cappella corridor' that used to stretch from Boston to Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, but now blossoms all the way to the West Coast -- and incidentally, here in Colorado. For many years before that it was a popular staple at many colleges, especially in the East where 'glee club' groups gradually morphed into the pop culture (sometimes with their music faculties looking askance at what was happening!).
      The groups of mostly guys singing in taverns and on street corners for 50+ years has now gone global.
      Colorado A Cappella fans should have a special interest in watching this 4-show package, not only for the entertainment they know quite well, but the investment NBC has made in a group of our own: the 7-year and counting sensation, FACE. Yes, among the many groups competing will be our own Boulder/Denver guy-group who have captured audiences in many parts of the country and have a large fan base right here at home.
      Will they make an impact (whoops; wrong group<g>)? You bet they will. And they will have a chance to hang in for the top prize. Everyone who knows them here realizes these are long odds, but it can happen. Tune in tonight and, if you like what you hear, make that telephone call when the time comes during the series and secure their chance to cash in on the top award. Just think, FACE could become FAME if they make a strong impression and get your support.
      I'll be watching for sure. Tonight . . . 7pm. Be there.
      Rol Sharette
      Boulder, Colorado
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