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Face - CD Artwork Sweepstakes, HUGE concert Oct 23

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  • Face (Mark Megibow)
    Hi everyone! It’s almost done! No really. After years of calling it “our next CD” or “CD #3” or “hush it already we’re working on it as fast as
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      Hi everyone!

      It’s almost done! No really. After years of calling it “our next CD” or “CD #3” or “hush it already we’re working on it as fast as we can,” we’ve actually given it a real name. Later this fall, you will be able to get your hands on our third and (we believe) best studio project to date, simply titled: “Momentum”

      CD release information will be forthcoming soon. We’re still working out the details for the par-tay that we want to throw for all y’all. (In the meantime, you MIGHT want to pencil in November 10 and/or November 13. More on that later...)

      In the meantime, check this out:

      That’s right, for this CD, we are turning to you, our awesome friends, family, and fans, to offer you the opportunity to design the album cover for “Momentum.” If you’ve got the skills, we’d like to see what you can do. Send your design to us, and the winner will not only grace the cover of our CD, but will also be awarded with fabulous prizes including, but not limited to, a pile of Face schwag, hugs from Stephen, and possibly even just cold hard cash.

      If you’re interested, let us know. We can get you access to promo photos and any other media you think you’d need to create your design, so just ask. For inquiries, contact Mark:
      mark facevocalband com

      We will need the artwork by early next week so we can look them all over and make a final decision before the printer’s deadline. Get your creative juices flowing, commune with the muse, and see what you can do!

      All in one concert??? All together on stage on the same night??? OMG that would be one of the most legendary a cappella productions of ALL TIME! Yes, and it is scheduled to happen on Friday, October 23. Historic. Epic. Momentous. The superlatives never stop.

      The Bobs have been trailblazing contemporary a cappella since the '80s (and Mark claims them as his inspiration to get into this business back in the beginning of his career). They’ve won a cappella awards too numerous to mention, in addition to having a Grammy nomination under their belts.

      The House Jacks tour the world, and are so amazing there is actually a House Jacks Cover Band in existence in Asia. They call themselves the original “Rock Band Without Instruments” and when you hear them you’ll know why. Many people consider them the standard in our world of all-vocal rock.

      Tickets are now on sale. There’s also a VIP package that includes a meet-and-greet with all the groups prior to the show.
      Click here for tix: www.milehighvocaljam.com

      Exciting stuff! More excitement to come in the near future!!! Stay in the loop on our website calendar:

      Cheers! - Mark

      - - - - - - - - - -
      Mark Megibow
      Business Manager
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