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Face - Vote for us (Best Local Band) and upcoming shows

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  • Face (Mark Megibow)
    Hi everyone! As always, we have a ton to tell you all about, so I’ll try to be concise about all the excitement we have coming up. I hope you take a chance
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2009
      Hi everyone!As always, we have a ton to tell you all about, so I’ll try to be concise about all the excitement we have coming up. I hope you take a chance to at least scan through all of the amazing shows we have coming up. Each one is special for one reason or another, so we hope you find one that tickles your fancy and that we’ll see you soon! I've got the quick and dirty details conveniently placed in little info-blocks at the bottom of this message. You can always find info at our website calendar as well: http://www.FaceVocalBand.com/calendar.htmlVOTE FOR US FOR BEST LOCAL BAND To begin, Face once again finds itself on the ballot for Best Local Band, this time via Denver Channel 7’s “A-List.” We hope you’ll vote for us. Voting ends on the 18th, so I’ve made it simple by including the link directly to our page here:http://kmgh.cityvoter.com/face/biz/102856THOSE ELUSIVE NISSI’S TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE We’ve heard from a number of you how hard it has been in the past to get tickets to Nissi’s because they sell out in advance, well GUESS WHAT? Nissi’s has expanded, and can now fit a lot more people, so it’s become much easier to get in! In fact, there are still tickets available for our next show there, Sept 22! If you haven’t seen us at Nissi’s, it’s a great intimate venue in Lafayette that we’ve played no fewer than 80 times in the past four years. Details and ticket info are listed below.BOULDER’S DINNER THEATRE CABARET SERIES We’re returning to Boulder’s Dinner Theatre on Sept 29 (Mark’s birthday!), where they now host great local musicians as part of their “Cabaret Series” on nights when their regular shows aren’t running. It makes for a colorful show, because typically we perform in front of whatever set they have up for their current show, and as you can imagine we become inspired by our surroundings and it has made for some creative interpretations at past performances there. See below for ticket info.OH MY GOSH YOU’RE PLAYING WITH WHO??? If you’re an a cappella fan even in the slightest, you are going to flip when you hear about the October 23 show we just booked. As part of the annual “Mile High Vocal Jam,” we are going to be sharing the stage with The Bobs and The House Jacks, two of the most legendary contemporary a cappella groups of all time. The Bobs were one of the original contemporary groups (specifically targeting rock and pop music to perform) and were nominated for a Grammy for their rendition of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” 15 years ago. The House Jacks are probably the most widely successful contemporary group, having toured the world a number of times, and have gotten so big in Asia that they actually have a tribute band that covers all of the House Jacks music. To learn more about them, I’ve included their websites below. Tickets info is listed at the end of this e-mail. http://www.bobs.com http://www.housejacks.com/What: Face at Nissi’s Where: Nissi’s Bistro Date: Tues, Sept 22 Time: 7:30 pm Address: 2675 North Park Ave, Lafayette CO Tickets: http://www.clubnissis.com/nissis/facesept222009.htmlWhat: Face at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre Where: Boulder’s Dinner Theatre Date: Tues, Sept 29 Time: 5:00 pm doors, 7:00 pm performance Address: 5501 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder CO Tickets: http://www.theatreinboulder.com/cabaretseries.htmlWhat: Face with The Bobs and The House Jacks (Mile High Vocal Jam) Where: Hinkley High School Date: Fri, Oct 23 Time: 7:30 pm Address: 1250 Chambers Rd, Aurora CO Tickets: http://soundoftherockies.com/milehighvocaljam/tixInd.php
      Cheers! - Mark
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      Mark Megibow
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