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Report of the Rocky Mountain Sweepstakes Winners!

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  • Roland Sharette
    Saturday night, March 21, 2009; King Center Concert Hall, Denver Here s the Sweeps news, A Cappellans: Yes, it was a great RM Sweeps and the thing that made it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2009
      Saturday night, March 21, 2009; King Center Concert Hall, Denver
      Here's the Sweeps news, A Cappellans:
      Yes, it was a great RM Sweeps and the thing that made it so was the remarkable cooperation of the 42 principal performers and our host and guest groups. Legacy, 2008 Rocky Mountain Champs from Lubbock, Texas, ran the whole show like pros, and the faithful 17th Avenue Allstars, 1993 National Champs and traditional Rocky Mountain guests, warmed up the house and brought cheers from the folks on hand, at least half of whom they seemed to know intimately.
      The seven groups who participated [Crimson of Colo Springs, Home Free of Mankato MN, MouthBeats of Denver, Pandora Celtica of Aurora, Raging Harmonies of Westminster, UCD 7 of Denver and Wonder Voice of Las Vegas] provided an overall show that appealed to the generous audience on hand who greeted and thanked every group with warm attention and applause. They obviously really enjoyed the evening.
      The judges, Paul Argentiere of Denver, Greg Glasgow of Boulder, Larry Meerdink of Thornton and Tom Miles of Fort Collins, were all capable and efficient, generous in their comments and attentive to their responsibilities. The results speak to their open minded evaluation and their enthusiasm for the future of contemporary a cappella.
      First, the group awards:
      2009 Rocky Mountain Champions: Denver's own "MOUTH-BEATS" (who will knock the San Francisco Finals judges for a loop)
      2009 Rocky Mountain Runner-Up group: "HOME FREE" from North Mankato, Minnesota. What a classy bunch!
      2009 Rocky Mountain Audience Favorite: "HOME FREE" (yes, from waaay up there).
      2009 Rocky Mountain Best Stage Performance Award: "MOUTH-BEATS" (for all the above reasons, I suspect).
      And the individual awards went to . . (the envelopes please):
      The 2009 Wes Carroll Best Vocal Percussion Award:  ADAM RUPP of "Home Free" for "Wipe Out!"
      The 2009 Deke Sharon Best Original Arrangement Award: MATT MURPHY of "MouthBeats" for "Stronger Bad!" 
      The 2009 Jeffrey Harris Best Original Song Award: TIM JONES of "MouthBeats" for "Street Beat #3!"  
      The 2009 Jerry Lawson Best Soloist Award: KAI ROBINSON of "Wonder Voice" for "I Will Survive!" 
      Thanks fans, for your support of the Rocky Mountain Sweeps. And competitors . . . We loved having you all on hand and will hope to see you perform in Denver again.
      Rol Sharette
      Interim Producer
      Boulder, Colorado
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