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  • Roland Sharette
    Colorado Music Business Organization http://www.ColoradoMusic.org Meetings of the Colorado Music Business Organization are Free and Open to everyone interested
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2009
        Colorado Music Business Organization
      Meetings of the Colorado Music Business Organization are Free and Open to everyone interested in the music scene.
      PLEASE NOTE: As affiliates of CVJS, a COMBO member, you are a de facto member of this organization as well. Just identify yourself at meetings and activities as part of CVJS and you will be admitted. Any fee required in activities below, however, applies to you as to all other COMBO members.
      Colorado Music Business Organization” | *COMBO*
      www.coloradomusic.org |  myspace.com/coloradomusic | myspace.com/coloradobandsonly
      So, you ask, just exactly what did COMBO do this year? To start off, Dare Roseberry pushed us into changing the acronym. It occurred to us that if we did a “d/b/a” the Colorado Music Business Organization, it would give us the acronym of COMBO, solving a years’ old dilemma of which acronym we should use. We are still officially the Colorado Music Association, but d/b/a/ Colorado Music Business Organization or COMBO.

      Denver Green Festival

      Denver Green Festival (May 2-3, 2009, in the Colorado Convention Center) invites submissions for live local acts to perform one 40-minute set. If you're a band, Greek step team, high school a cappella group or string quartet, slam poet, DJ, children's dance troupe, singer-songwriter or anywhere in between, please apply to entertain the Denver Green Festival audience by visiting www.greenfestivals.org and clicking Speakers/Apply to Speak). Please include available links to audio or video clips on MySpace, YouTube, etc.
      Performers will receive the following:
      • Promotion on the Green Festival Web site, www.greenfestivals.org, including photo, bio, and link to artist Web site or MySpace/Facebook page
      • Photo and bio in the event guide, mailed 3-4 weeks in advance of the event to over 70,000 homes in the Denver metro region
      • Skirted table to sell merchandise, sign autographs, etc.
      • A dedicated volunteer to assist before, during and after the performance
      • Access to the volunteer lounge and snacks
      • Complimentary guest passes for the entire weekend
      • Potential for media interview opportunities
      Applications are accepted for all genres/formats, but PLEASE NOTE: heavy metal, hard core punk, and explicit adult content would not be appropriate for the flavor of the Festival.

      Performance date/location: one 40-minute set, Denver May 2 or 3, 2009, Colorado Convention Center.
      Application deadline:
      January 9, 2009.
      Performers will be notified by January 23, 2009.
      Questions about the application process or Denver Green Festival?
      Please contact Sarah Moss, Denver Green Festival Regional Director,
      at sarah@... or 303-263-0670.
      Green Festival is a not-for-profit event and does not offer formal compensation for speakers and performers. All revenues made from the events are funneled into creating educational events throughout the country, and this is an opportunity for artists to support and spread the message of sustainability.
      * * * * *
      FRIDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2009
      Performing Arts Jamboree & Tradeshow - Jefferson County Fairgrounds
      Sponsored by Colorado Parks & Recreation Association.
      This event can be very important to your career. Too much going on there to write about here but check out the website,  www.cpra-web.org, and attend!
      * * * * *
      CONGRATULATIONS to local artist OTIS TAYLOR upon being nominated as Blues Acoustic Artist of the Year!
      Acoustic Artist of the Year:
      Doug MacLeod
      Rory Block
      Otis Taylor
      Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
      Eden Brent
      * * * * *
      Dog House Music offers several innovative programs throughout the year for kids, teens and adults. www.doghousemusic.com

      The Summer Rock & Roll Camp for Teens runs for 9 weeks each summer, and groups teens ages 11-17 into bands, where they study technique, write original songs, and learn music promotion. Founded in 2004, this program has become Colorado's preferred teen music summer camp!
      * * * * *
      Rol Sharette
      Boulder, Colorado
      303 413 8774 (Colo)
      888 949 2857 (US)
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