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Legacy wants to "Rock the Desert"

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  • Rol Sharette
    Hello Colorado A Cappellans, We reported on Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweeps Champs Legacy last month in their highly regarded and admiral third place finish in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 14, 2008
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      Hello Colorado A Cappellans,


      We reported on Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweeps Champs "Legacy" last month in their highly regarded and admiral third place finish in the National Sweeps. They're now back at work in Texas and throughout the central US doing a series of great gigs that highlight their exceptional a cappella gospel talent. Leader Josh Wheeler says you can check out their schedule at www.legacymusiconline.com, in case you're traveling that way this summer, but you can also help them with another competitive project.

      Legacy has entered the 2008 talent competition for the Christian music festival "Rock The Desert," but Josh said on the phone a couple days ago that they could use our help! Those of you who came to our 2008 Sweeps in Denver and watched them take First Place before a very enthusiastic audience will want to help them in this made-to-order endeavor to further their ascending career. Here's how you can spend 5 minutes that will give the guys a chance at the Gold again:


      They are the only  a cappella group on the ballot, all the more reason we should support their claim; they would just love to show everyone how cool that really is! The winning group gets to perform on the main stage at the festival with some of Christian music's top artists. The way they win is through online voting that's taking place NOW thru July 1 at www.rockthedesert.com. This site tells you about the whole thing.


      In order to vote for Legacy, click on the "2008 Talent Search" link (or just click on http://www.sonicbids.com/voting/default.asp?poll_id=196 from this message). Enter your birthday (the real one<g>) and click on "Continue" (no, that does NOT put you on a list). From the roster of 18 groups, scroll down to #13 (OhMiGod! Is that good or bad? -- well, at least they're not actually numbered) and check the box [ ] to the left; then scroll to the bottom and click on "Cast your vote."  That does it. I suspect you can vote as many times as you want … feel free to vote oftenJ.

      While you're at it, click on the audio link next to their listing and listen to the selection that knocked the judges in their direction the night of our Sweeps: "Livin' On the Edge" is an inspired original that you have to hear to believe.


      Josh said, "Thanks everybody for pulling for us on this; ya'll are great!! God bless"



      Rol Sharette
      Boulder, Colorado
      303 413 8774 (Colo)
      888 949 2857 (US)
    • Randy
      Wednesday, July 16, 7:00 pm The Denver A Cappella Project (DAP ) will present a FREE
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 10, 2008
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        Wednesday, July 16, 7:00 pm
        The Denver A Cappella Project (DAP) will present a FREE outdoor concert at the Littleton Historical Museum, 6028 South Gallup Street, Littleton, CO (303-795-3950).  Bring a picnic dinner and settle in for some of the best a cappella jazz in the country!

        Wednesday, July 16, 5:00 pm
        DAP will perform at the St. Philip in the Field Episcopal Church, 397 S. Perry Road, Sedalia, CO. (details here)


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