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Colorado A Cappella Groups Directory

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  • Rol Sharette
    Hello a cappella fans, Our www.CVJS.org site includes an effective directory of 40 a cappella vocal groups in Colorado who we consider affiliates in the large
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2008
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      Hello a cappella fans,
      Our www.CVJS.org site includes an effective directory of 40 a cappella vocal groups in Colorado who we consider affiliates in the large job of providing Colorado citizens with entertainment; our job is to provide a way for them to reach these groups personally or, in most cases, online if you, the public would like more information about them.
      The idea is that our citizens interested in a cappella out there often would like to find groups to perform at a variety of private and public entertainment activities. Voila! Go to the directory and read brief descriptions and easily reach a website, send an email or phone a group about the possibility of a performance or find out where you can hear the group perform. (You singers could also inquire as to whether the group needs new members -- can't hurt.)
      We know there are many more than 40 a cappella groups in Colorado, but it's often difficult to track them down for a variety of reasons. So, here's our request: Let us know if you have a group that appears not to be listed in our current directory at http://wizoil.tripod.com/groups.htm and we'll do our best to correct that situation. We want to list all groups possible; that's why we've provided categories and descriptions to help you find your way around the directory.
      Oh, and keep in mind that right now you'll actually be looking at the 2007 version of that info. Val Carr, our webmaster, has been sorting through the information there and will soon be loading in an updated version (contact people change; websites change; names change; groups come and go).
      You'll also see this note in the summer Colorado Songster  which gets mailed this month to twice as many singers and fans as see this message board. Send me back your snailmail address and a telephone number and we'll send along the free Songster this month and you can see for yourself what's happening on the Colorado A Cappella scene.
      The online directory requires group name and website (if applicable), type, make-up, how long around, contact, phone and email address. We'll not turn anyone down. We need you and so do all the a cappella fans in Colorado.
      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857)
      In Colorado: 303 413 8774
      Colorado CASA Ambassador
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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