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Peter Eldridge and Greg Jasperse this Saturday at Dazzle!

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  • Rol Sharette
    Have you ever been to the Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz Camp up in Bailey? Those of you who have will remember these two names -- Greg and Peter have been two
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      Have you ever been to the Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz Camp up in Bailey?
      Those of you who have will remember these two names -- Greg and Peter have been two standout clinicians and artists at the Camp and, although they work on opposite sides of the USA, they are coming to Denver this Saturday night (May 31) to share their phenomenal talent and wonderful musical ideas with  each other and all of us at 7pm and 9pm shows in the great music room at Dazzle Jazz Club on Lincoln St near 9th downtown.
      Do these guys know a cappella? Indeed! From one end to the other. Peter sings with one of the most famous vocal groups in the world -- New York Voices, who do a cappella a great deal. And Greg, originally from Chicago, sings with LA's wonderful a cappella group, Sixth Wave, which has been around forever and sounds so cool every time they cut a track.
      I hardly think they'll be a cappella-ing (although these guys can do anything and make it totally new and inventive), but you'll hear some great interpretations of music you know, and I guarantee some new and clever material in the jazz style you will love and enjoy.
      The tariff is only $15 for either show and the music will be some of the best jazz you'll hear in Denver at any time. Call 303.839.5100 to make a reservation and have yourself a super musical time.
      What about the Vocal Jazz Camp? I'm sure you know it's back this year and will be enjoyed by dozens of young people June 20-26. More info is available at http://www.rmvjc.com/. Check it out!
      Meanwhile, join us at Dazzle for a sample of the things kids can learn at Camp this summer. And here is the whole Saturday story:
      Peter Eldridge with special guest Greg Jasperse
      WHEN: Saturday, May 31, 2007
      WHERE: Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, 930 Lincoln St., Denver, CO
      TIME: Sets at 7:00PM and 9:00 PM
      COVER: $15, call 303.839.5100 to reserve your seat!

      ~~ "Busy Being Blue" has music and lyrics the Gershwins would have been proud
      to write . . . . his lyrics are on a par with Johnny Mercer's."  -  All About Jazz

      Vocalist/pianist Peter Eldridge will perform new songs for an upcoming
      project as well as original songs from his most recent album, "Decorum" and
      his critically acclaimed 2001 releases, "Fool No More" and "Stranger in
      Town."  Peter's latest album is a brilliant combination of jazz and pop,
      using his singer/songwriter chops in combination with the skills he has
      acquired through singing with the Grammy award-winning New York Voices.
      He will be joined by special guest Greg Jasperse, Ian Hutchinson on bass and
      Mike Marlier on drums.

      Eldridge's music is as multifaceted as he is: quirky and clever and romantic,
      both vulnerable and hip, it's full of barbed social commentary as well as hope
      and joy. Never a moon/June/spoon kind of lyricist, he finds new aspects of
      love to write about, and all of it rides in on beautiful, catchy melodies that
      sound like no one else's.     -- Dr. Judith Schlesinger, -- All About Jazz

      Greg Jasperse is a composer, arranger, recording artist and educator.
      As a guest conductor, he has had the privilege of conducting the British
      Columbia Honors Vocal Jazz Choir (2002), the Colorado and Illinois All-state
      Honors Vocal Jazz choirs (2004), the Arizona All-State Honors Show choir
      (2000, 1999, 2001) as well as many district and regional festival choirs.
      Festival choirs have performed his compositions and arrangements, published
      by Augsburg-Fortress, Shawnee Press and Oxford University Press across
      North America and Europe.  As an educator, Greg enjoys teaching at several
      show choir and jazz camps in the US and Canada, including Rocky Mountain Vocal
      Jazz camp, Showchoir camps of America, University of Manitoba Jazz Camp,
      and Western Michigan University Vocal Jazz camp. He has music directed and
      accompanied Forever Plaid (Royal George Theater). Greg recently released his
      first commercial recording called 'Tournesol." This recording is a collection of
      original contemporary jazz piano pieces.
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