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New web hosting service for a cappella groups!

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  • Rol Sharette
    To: Colorado College and Avocational A Cappella groups: This sounds like a great opportunity. It s endorsed by CASA, so it s likely to be a very cooperative
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2008
      To: Colorado College and Avocational A Cappella groups:
      This sounds like a great opportunity. It's endorsed by CASA, so it's likely to be a very cooperative and competent partner in your web-associated endeavors. I know it's difficult for many groups to identify and secure economical and user-friendly service. This may be your path to better communications. Please report back on your experience with "Acappella Hosting" so we can notify others in our 40+ group community and the rest of our 700 <colorado-acappella> subscribers.
      Here's their CASA post:
      Acappella Hosting is a web hosting company with a twist: we only provide our services to a cappella groups, both collegiate and professional. Why did I start this company? Because I saw the need through both the group I sing with and also through the other groups I've met over the years.

      Over the last few months however, Acappella Hosting has gained considerable ground in the community. We have over 20 collegiate and professional clients and we offer world class service that you normally would have to pay hundreds of dollars for with other companies.

      Whether you are looking to just host your website for a fraction of the price you are paying now, or would like us to help design, create, and implement a website for your group, Acappella Hosting is the company to choose.

      Whatever your budget we can fit to it, the most important thing is that we are here to help you expand your exposure both on and off stage and we do this by having one-on-one discussions with your members on how to work publicity networks, both public and private. We even set up Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking pages for your group once you sign up. The value here isn't matched anywhere else.
      Also for college and other school-associated groups, please ask about our SUMMER DEFERRAL program.. which means while school is out, or when your group isn't performing you don't have to pay the full monthly cost! All that gets charged is a $1.99 service fee which helps cover our cost of operations.

      I want you to know that I'm really excited about the possibility of partnering with your group. I give you my guarantee that I will personally oversee your account from start to finish and ensure you get the best quality service that Acappella Hosting can offer. That is why I'm offering discounted hosting and services for the first five months to the first 20 groups who sign with Acappella Hosting in 2008 -- and any other successful group referrals you provide could permanently extend your discounts! All I ask in return is your support through referring Acappella Hosting to others with whom you come in contact. You really can't lose!

      We have clients all over the US and recently Canada. We are looking to expand to cover a cappella groups from countries around the world.

      Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

      "We're here to help build the community, and with your help we can make it happen!"

      Mike Jankowski
      Founder/Owner Acappella Hosting
      Rol Sharette
      Boulder, Colorado
      303 413 8774 (Colo)
      888 949 2857 (US)
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