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Naturally 7 -- Burning up the Road with Bublé!

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  • Rol Sharette
    Why Naturally 7 probably won t make it to Colorado as soon as expected: Fans of the great New York guy group Naturally Seven may be shocked to learn of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2008
      Why Naturally 7 probably won't make it to Colorado as soon as expected:
      Fans of the great New York guy group "Naturally Seven" may be shocked to learn of the popular septet's unlikely highway disaster late last week while in Europe opening for Michael Bublé on his very successful (and continuing) tour.
      Manager Andrew Lefowwits reported back to his Colorado contacts that life has been a bit complicated lately, at least in the travel sense. He tells us, "Yes, we did have a bit of an issue with the bus. . .  It burned down."
      Naturally 7's Tourbus pretty well disintegrates on a European highway
      Not one to overstate issues, Andrew (former member and manager of the great New England group, ""Five O'Clock Shadow" who have come to Colorado many times to enthusiastic reception), neverthless seemed a bit dismayed by the situation. He reports, "We were all asleep when the driver started shouting to 'Get off the bus!' -- It was pretty scary, but everyone made it off okay. Lost a lot of stuff, but we're still on the tour."
      A shot from the rear shows pretty clearly what's not left on the bus!
      One could consider this a classic commentary on "the show must go on," but the "how" and "when" come into play pretty forcefully when your only mode of transporation disintegrates under you. But, indeed, Andrew goes on,
      "We are still on the Bublé tour. We'll be with him until late July with some of our own work in the off times. We finish this leg on Saturday (3/22) and then do another month in the US, but it looks like the stop in Denver with face isn't going to work -- that would have been great though -- we'll try to do it later. After a couple of summer weeks off, we head to Australia for a month, followed by some of our own shows in Canada, then back to Europe for some festivals and more Bublé shows. 
      "This tour has been great for us. Everyone is incredibly friendly and Michael has really taken to the group. He is about as down to earth as anyone who has sold 15 million records could be. He's certainly been kind to us and seems interested in helping us making it big time . . . the show really seems comfprtable. We lean more toward our pop/AC songs and not as much with the hip-hop/urban stuff, but it works -- standing ovations every night. We're also selling lots of CDs, so we can't complain about that either. The key will be to turn it into some further success of our own."
      Mark Megibow of face had been trying to help bring Naturally Seven to Colorado and expressed disappointment in the development, but was not surprised. "It was a kind of long shot, but we would love to do a show in Colorado with that calibre of group. I'm sure it would draw a lot of new audience for both them and face. Let's see what happens when they're back in the US for a longer period."

      So Colorado fans will have to wait a bit longer to catch this exciting and relatively new group. Their only 2008 shows even close are with Michael Bublé on:
      27 Apr 2008: Quest Center, Omaha, NE
      29 Apr 2008: Santa Ana Star Center, Albuquerke, NM
      30 April 2008: Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ
      Andrew, who has roots in Denver, was trying to set up a passing-through April 28 show here, but they have their hands full it looks like. We'll keep a look-out for them though, and you may enjoy taking a closer look on your own:
      Naturally Seven:     [http://www.n7house.de/]
      (more)                      [http://gospelcrib.8m.com/naturallyseven.htm]
      "Bus Gallery:"        [http://gallery.mac.com/lefkowitsaudio#100036]
      Michael Bublé Info: [http://www.michaelbuble.com/]
      -- Rol Sharette
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