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"Mesa State music grad earns national acclaim"

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    I attended college, sang in concert choir with Josh, and attended his senior seminar. Mesa State music grad earns national acclaim By ANNA MARIA BASQUEZ and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2008
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      I attended college, sang in concert choir with Josh, and attended his
      senior seminar.

      "Mesa State music grad earns national acclaim

      The Daily Sentinel

      Monday, January 28, 2008

      Former Grand Junction resident Josh Huslig and his a cappella group
      Mosaic on Monday made their name nationally known by performing on
      "The Early Show" on CBS.

      "It was a very cool opportunity for us — just the platform that it
      created for our project and in creating awareness for our group,"
      Huslig said Monday evening in an interview from New York City. His
      band was about to perform again at the city's legendary Bird Land
      club. "It was such a tremendous piece of exposure."

      Mosaic, a six-piece group based in Las Vegas, won a national vocal
      competition, the Boyz II Men A Cappella Quest, last month. The group's
      win was celebrated with a performance on "The Early Show" plaza in
      front of a crowd of fans holding Mosaic signs.

      "Oh, it was freezing," Huslig said. "Between each take, they'd run us
      back into the studio with the heaters. We'd sing for 30 seconds and go
      running back in. We were doing a lot of running back and forth. I had
      to hand it to the anchors because at the end, they came out and braved
      the elements with us."

      Huslig, 31, is a Central High School graduate. After getting his
      bachelor of arts in vocal music in 1999, he left Grand Junction in
      pursuit of music on a national level.

      "I started out doing musical theater stuff, which I guess I wasn't
      completely passionate about," Huslig said. "My first love has always
      been singing. I went to Pennsylvania, Texas, to Illinois, and to
      Florida. I ended up at Disney World in Florida as a singer and met a
      lot of guys through Disney, and that's where the vision started to
      take place. It's been very much a dream come true that it's making it
      to the level that I always hoped it would."

      "We're trying to reshape the way people think about a cappella music.
      There's currently a mainstream appeal for a cappella music. That's
      what we're trying to do."

      The group plans to finish its first album this year, he said.

      Mosaic performed in Grand Junction in 2006 at the Mesa State College
      Welcome Week.

      "The biggest thanks I can give to Mesa is learning the technical side
      of music," said Huslig, who was born in Kansas and moved to Colorado
      with his family when he was 3. "I really learned how to arrange music
      there. I had always had a knack for singing and enjoyed it. But it
      really wasn't until I learned how music works that I started to
      flourish as an arranger and as a writer. As an a cappella group, you
      don't have instruments, so arrangements are everything. Mesa really
      taught me the basics of how you do that."

      Huslig has friends, family and fans in town. Huslig married a fellow
      entertainer four months ago. The couple is expecting twins.

      Dr. Jack Delmore, Mesa State College professor of music, said he knew
      his former vocal student Huslig was going to go places."It's just
      remarkable to hear the high level of singing," Delmore said about
      Mosaic. "They're way above the norm."

      The group uses no instruments, just their voices, to mimic the sounds
      of guitars, bass and percussion. Their arrangements with elements of
      funk, smooth jazz, hip-hop and R&B require hundreds of hours of
      preparation, Delmore said. The group has shared the stage with Prince,
      the Pussycat Dolls, Chris Rock and more, according to their Web site.

      Delmore said Huslig's success shows Mesa State students what they can
      do if they apply themselves.

      "He found that little niche that was just right for him," Delmore said.

      Huslig almost wound up an architect though, Delmore said. It took a
      courseload of math classes to convert him to a music major.

      Mosaic performs regularly at Flamingo Las Vegas. Check them out on
      their Web site, www.notaboyband.com and www.myspace.com/vocalmusic.


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