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  • Rol Sharette
    Hello vocal jazz fans, Getting the latest newsletter from this stunning vocal group, born and bred in Colorado, prompted me to send along some info you may not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2007
      Hello vocal jazz fans,
      Getting the latest newsletter from this stunning vocal group, born and bred in Colorado, prompted me to send along some info you may not be aware of. It's pretty exciting stuff, some wonderful, some modifications, but always with that up beat future that beckons to this 11 year old, now LA based quintet (I think they're a quintet again <g>).
      Fans are most likely aware that Jake has left the group (for the second time -- Who knows? He may return again someday <g>), so that extra VP has to be covered by others. Other sad news is that they could not be in Colorado this summer for the Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz Camp that most of them have supported so valiantly in the past ten years. The principal reason for that of course is Julie Williams' inability to support it with her finances and energy at this point (how she did so for ten years is amazing in itself). A small group of faithful supporters are looking into a 2008 revival, but that will have to be pursued over the coming months. Who knows? If that happens, maybe we'll see m-pact's involvement in the future.
      Currently . . .
      This remarkable ensemble is in Seoul, South Korea, participating in the World Vocal Group Festival -- "Amazing Voice 2007" And wouldn't we all love to be on hand for that show. m-pact is sharing the bill with, arguably the other three top a cappella vocal jazz ensembles in the world: The Real Group, Idea of North and Rajaton. Wouldn't you love being on hand for that?
      From their newsletter . . .
      Rudy says "Farewell"
      As many of you know, m-pact's super-tenor Rudy Cardenas was a finalist on this season's American Idol. While we were all disappointed by his much-too-early departure from that show, we are incredibly proud of him for making it so far…and for representing himself and m-pact in such a positive, classy manner. The amount of great publicity that Rudy generated for m-pact and for himself has been truly phenomenal! As a result of his performance on the show, Rudy is now having doors open for him that only come along once in a lifetime. So, it is with equal amounts of sadness and excitement that we announce Rudy's departure from m-pact. Sadness, because we will all miss the talent, charisma, and "Latin flare" that have become synonymous with Rudy's 4 ½ years in m-pact. But also excitement, because of the great opportunities that he will have as a solo artist. We wish Rudy all the best in the world, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him! 
      And filling his shoes is . . . 
      Fletcher Sheridan - alto
      It’s hard to say which aspect is most endearing to fellow m-pacters about Fletch – his bright, chirpy personality, his incessant singing to himself or his perfect pitch. Woodshedding his musical skills in the LA session scene since the age of 16, Fletcher has amassed a wide spectrum of musical experiences that he brings to m-pact. From overtone singing to wailing scat solos to French chamber music, Fletcher thrives on versatility and pushing the envelope. All endearment and experience aside, Fletcher’s smiling eyes when singing always leave the world a happier place.
      . . . Can't wait to meet and greet Fletcher. LA friends have told me he's an incredible singer and that's exactly what he must be to carry the m-pact flame to further success. Something tells me its' gonna be a slam dunk!
      [Be aware the m-pact website is temporarily down, but you can catch up on the guys and hear some of those incredible sounds right here: http://www.m-pactjazz.com/index.cfm]
      Rol Sharette
      program director, CVJS
      Colorado Vocal Jazz Society
      www.cvjs.org; 888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857)
      Colorado CASA Ambassador
      Contemporary A Cappella Society
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