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Auditions for Rocky Mountain Revels

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  • Jonathan Griffitts
    The Rocky Mountain Revels are looking for singers for the 2007 Christmas Revels! If you re not familiar with the Revels, please see:
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      The Rocky Mountain Revels are looking for singers for the 2007 Christmas

      If you're not familiar with the Revels, please see:


      In short, the Christmas Revels are a festival of music and dance,
      performed at the shortest day of the year. The tradition started in
      Cambridge, MA in 1971. The Rocky Mountain Revels is the most recently
      formed of the nine Revels companies across the country.


      I was in the Revels last year. I was already singing in chorus and a
      quartet, so why did I need more? Here's what appeals to me about the

      The Revels performance sets an atmosphere, a place and time. Last year
      it was a little Scottish village in the 18th century. The show includes
      lots of singing, dancing, a few skits, all within that setting. You can
      get mentally into the setting over the two hours of the show, and the
      world outside seems surprising and mundane afterward.

      I wouldn't give up singing with my friends who I have been singing with
      for years. Revels lasts just through the fall and has a new cast every
      year. It's different, but very rewarding.

      The Revels cast includes people with impressive educational credentials
      and past performing experience. It also includes ordinary folk who just
      like to sing. There are guest dancers, there are amateur dancers (like
      me, and I have minimal dancing talent), and there are those who don't or
      can't dance at all. Nobody is pushed into doing anything that they're
      not comfortable doing.

      The auditions are simple and friendly, not intimidating. The directors
      just want to be sure you can carry a tune a cappella, and they are
      thinking about fitting people into the script of the show.

      The following is the audition announcement from the Revels director:

      We are doing a beautiful IRISH CELEBRATION this year, 2007, and even if
      you are not planning on auditioning, please forward this announcement
      to folks you think might be interested.
      Our soloists will be:
      ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Liz Ryan, Cole Keirsey, Rick Romeo
      SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST: 2007 North American National Irish Step-Dancing
      Champion from Boston, ALEXANDRA SIEGA!!!
      Saturday, August 25th, 3-5 pm
      Sunday, August 26th, 3-5 pm
      St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
      3700 Baseline Rd.
      Boulder, CO
      Ages 7-70+, amateurs and professionals, families encouraged.
      Rehearsals Monday evenings from 9/10 - 12/22
      Performances: Sunday Dec. 16th, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
      Saturday Dec. 22nd, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

      The audition song should be a folk song or carol sung a capella, it need
      not be anything fancy. You must be able to carry a tune, but you DO NOT
      have to be a trained singer! If you don't know what to sing for an
      audition, here are a few suggestions:


      For More Information or to reserve an audition time-slot, call 303
      440-9056 or email info@...


      Revels newsletter at:

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