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  • Rol Sharette
    Sing it Loud! . . . Sing it proud! . . . . . It s is close timing, but WE CAN DO THIS!! VOTE AT
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2007

      Sing it Loud! . . . Sing it proud! . . . .
      It's is close timing, but WE CAN DO THIS!!                VOTE AT http://www.frontierairlines.com/frontier/index.jsp (click here . . ) 
      Then on the "VOTE" icon; then double click on the "Enter" sign and on "VOTE" again. Then on "The Penguins"! 30 seconds -- no more.
      The Penguins have finally fought their way back up to 3rd place in Frontier Airline's "Denver's Favorite Animal" competition. At one point we had them in 2nd place before they tumbled all the way to 7th! You folks have restored our faith that we can make them THE winners!
      Because they represent a cappella! Because they represent the future of a cappella in Colorado! Because they sing purty good, too.
      Where else do you see our favorite music represented in mainstream advertising? Where else do you find a company who has actually paid (we think) a cappella singers (okay, singing birds) to promote their product (well okay, they're are a few, but the Jolly Green Giant hasn't been around for years).
      The deadline is here! Now! Please vote today -- and again and again for the next 3 days until midnight on February 25! Then cross your fingers that we will have made it. You can vote from ANYWHERE! (Don't hesitate just because you're not lucky enough to live in Colorado.)
      It's quick; it's easy. And you may see these birds (fish?) go all the way!
      Vote now; vote again; vote often. It's okay, just do it!
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