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607Groove Society Audition Dates Finalized

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  • Groove Society
    Aug 29, 2004
      Hello fellow acappellists!
      Well, we've had a great response to our audition posting in search of
      our newest member to Groove Society. We've finally nailed down an
      audition date to get everyone in. Please note that all auditions
      will be held on Tuesday, September 7th and September 14th from 7pm-
      10pm at:

      Denver Musicians Association
      1165 Deleware St.
      Denver, CO 80204

      For those of you who are still interested in auditioning it's not too
      late. Please call Bianca Herbert at 303-488-8855 or e-mail her at
      bianca@... . Because of the versatility of our
      remaining members, we will be auditioning for vocal percussion as
      well as tenor and bass parts to fill the opening.

      Requirements for vocal percussion:
      * Solid sense of time.
      * Familiarity with a variety of grooves including jazz, Latin jazz,
      funk, R&B and pop.
      * Authentic drum and auxiliary percussion sounds.
      * Singing ability a plus.

      Requirements for tenor and bass:
      * Strong solo voice
      * Ability to read music
      * Ability to sing dissonant harmonies.
      * Experience singing in a variety of styles including jazz, Latin
      jazz, funk, R&B and pop.
      * At least some college music experience

      Once again, anyone interested in auditioning can contact Bianca
      Herbert at 303-488-8855 or bianca@... .