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222Re: [colorado-acappella] Sing for Peace Project

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  • Roland Sharette
    Aug 1, 2002

      Thank you for your post about the "Sing for Peace" Project.

      However, this sort of thing, unless endorsed by a major mover in our singing
      community (like CASA, e.g.), carries political and commercial connotations
      that go beyond the intent of this message board. I would caution anyone from
      personally endorsing activities that might well serve to somehow alienate
      some of our a cappella community.

      No, I'm not talking ACLU stuff here. I just think we need to think of our
      common interest within the music community and concentrate our ideas and
      commentary there. While I don't feel as strongly about this as I do about
      today's commercial scamming of our board (which I hope will be severely
      dealt with), I am conscious that peace may be perceived in many different
      ways and it's most relevant for us to concentrate on promoting a cappella in
      a peaceful world than it is to promote peace in our a cappella world.

      I hope you get hooked up with a group soon. You sound like an enthusiastic
      and talented singer that any group would be grateful to include. Good luck.

      Rol Sharette
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