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  • rbaltensberger
    Apr 1, 2002
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      Congratulations to all who participated in the Denver Harmony
      Sweepstakes. Congrats to Eclipse, our new champs. The show was
      expertly organized and executed by Patricia Williams. The field of
      talent was diverse and wonderfully gifted. I had the good fortune to
      meet and share the stage with you all.

      As Roland Sharette mentioned in an earlier post, JazzKatz won the
      Jeffrey Harris award for best original composition, but I must give
      credit where it is due, Rosemary (my wife) is the author of the song.

      Also, thanks go to Brian Beck (Bass of Saturday Evening Post)for the
      wonderful arrangement of Rosie's song.

      Once again, thanks to all, I had a fabulous time!

      Rob Baltensberger
      Bass, JazzKatz