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Vincent Berger Rond - Elle avait raison Hathor

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  • Vincent Bergeron
    Elle avait raison Hathor (Berger rond, #VVSBR11) (2012) SOCAN 1) Izanami (pour Alexandra Fol) (8:45) 2) Maât et l ordre contaminé (8:42) 3) Elle avait raison
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      Elle avait raison Hathor
      (Berger rond, #VVSBR11)
      (2012) SOCAN

      1) Izanami (pour Alexandra Fol) (8:45)
      2) Maât et l'ordre contaminé (8:42)
      3) Elle avait raison Hathor (13:08)
      4) Sedna et le clavecin à la mer (11:41)
      5) Circée sur une île (11:23)


      Maintenant disponible en FLAC (sans compression ; et MP3) sous le netlabel Spectropol Records.

      Cover Art ; Tracklist ; jpg (peintures de fond, Nicolas Fontaine, 2011) ; Info about the themes ; Info jpg

      Everything was essentially composed during the last 4 months of 2011 (Circe in January 2012, vocal composition recorded by Laura Kilty in March 2012) and is protected by SOCAN (ASCAP in the U.S.)

      Berger Rond's album Elle avait raison Hathor is free to download in MP3 320kbps and FLAC (MP3 without compression). Poems, Cover Art and Tracklist info are all available in full definition.

      Cover Art based on Nicolas Fontaine creations.

      Poems : 01-Izanami-English ; 01-Izanami ; 02-Maat-English ; 02-Maat-French ; 03-Hathor ; 03-Hathor-English ; 03-Sedna ; 03-Sedna-English ; 05-Circe-English ; 05-Circe-French


      After music about manhood (Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit.), here is music about womanhood (Elle avait raison Hathor).

      The guitar of all kinds (Frédéric Szymanski on most of them when they are electr.) are the true voice of this project.

      Like in [{ }], the poems become an optional lyrical aspect to who want it, nothing is imposed, as opposed to the disagreements in Izanami.

      Extra thanks to Jim Goodin on banjo (Elle avait raison Hathor), Alexandra Fol on electr. organ who plays Hope of Dawn by Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer (Izanami), Bruce Hamilton's electro pieces Rockplaco and Dark are remade (Maât ; Circée) ; Steve Moshier.'s electro piece The Far End of a Forgotten Street (Circée).

      Also extra extra thanks for special release under Spectropol Records.
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