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Re: [coldwarcomms] Digest Number 1895

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  • doug humphrey
    ... I dropped a bunch of that paragraph when editing it - sorry - yes, the SAM issue is separate from the ABM issue, but they were tied together by the bigger
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005
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      > Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 12:32:23 -0500
      > From: CBright10@...
      > Subject: Re: Digest Number 1894
      > in re
      > "the US does not deploy SAMs to do coverage of the US airspace.
      > The ABM treaty with the USSR allowed us to do some, but the US decided
      > to shut down the ABM system."
      > The SALT treaties were silent on antiaircraft SAMs. They addressed
      > only ABM. The US decided to remove the last CONUS SAMs (Hawk and
      > Herc) in 1979 in Florida by choice, not international agreement.

      I dropped a bunch of that paragraph when editing it - sorry - yes, the
      issue is separate from the ABM issue, but they were tied together by the
      bigger issue of a "standing defense" of CONUS - one side saw it as
      and really "traditional" and the other side saw the costs involved as
      unsustainable - I can see both sides, but the big decision was to shed
      costs, and both SAM and ABM and a little while later airborne alert all
      came to an end. So, no SAMS except for tiny point defense capabilities
      (which are, frankly, questionable in their effectiveness for all sorts
      reasons but better than nothing).

      > A few SAMs, however, have been reintroduced since 9/11.
      > The White House has a battery on the roof.

      unlikely - there are no weapons on the roof beyond things
      that people might carry with them (big hint there) unnamed
      USSS sources muttered over dim sum one morning.....

      besides, the whitehouse roof has a terrible field of fire - it is
      a short building surrounded by taller ones - which is actually
      its best defense against aviation suicide attack - so that by
      the time you saw something and fired on it, you (and the
      target) would already be toast. IF there were SAMs they
      would be on one of the taller buildings that are in the area
      (the Old Ugly Office Building comes to mind, but that is
      just speculation on my part) and also there would be some
      located outside of the downtown area, to fire at the target
      as it was moving away from the weapons (better IR lock-on
      and a less dynamic target picture). The a below mentioned
      battery at David Taylor would be such a position.

      > Another is at a Navy installation in suburban Maryland:
      > http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,12447195

      I wonder if that is still there - someone should check - reading the
      text associated with that shows how little people know about
      these things - sad.

      > For some events, the Army provides Hummer-mounted SAMs.

      yep - not much range, but for tactical point defense better
      than nothing and fast to deploy - although command and
      control beyond "holly shit! shoot it shoot it!" can be difficult.


      > All this is relevant to this list because previous posts (Albert?)
      > have pointed out that the Tysons Corner comms tower now holds a dome
      > likely covering a radar linked to DC SAM defenses.

      one of those radars is up at the state department comm annex
      on Odel road in Beltsville, most likely - not CSSG, but the other
      facility a little farther down the road. sure looks like that kind of
      radar, but I have not broken out the spec-an to see for sure....

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