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Fw: They were good enemies and better allies

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  • Dick
    MessageFolks, I got this from a friend at SPAWAR. Good on ya, Brits!!!!!! Dick BRAVO LONDON...! Hello Lads, I don t know what sort of news coverage you re
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
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      MessageFolks, I got this from a friend at SPAWAR.

      Good on ya, Brits!!!!!!


      BRAVO LONDON...!

      Hello Lads,

      I don't know what sort of news coverage you're getting in the U.S, but I just thought I'd show you some pictures of
      London yesterday... 3 days after the terrorists struck:

      A Lancaster Bomber, escorted by a Spitfire and a Hurricane flies over Buckingham Palace to the Mall. Between 250,000 and 500,000 people are in the Mall. The Queen and the Royal Family are on the balcony of Buck House just as she was with Winston Churchill in 1945.

      The bomb doors open, and a million poppies fall to earth to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and peace.

      So, if anyone thinks they can force us to change our ways with bombs, and start being cowed by terror, then they'd better think again. The Daily Mirror summed it up nicely:

      I was in the summer sunshine in the Cotswolds, when I was fortunate to see something that I'd never seen before "live" before me. Coming towards me over the trees and climbing slowly towards its cruising height was the unforgettable sight and sound of a Spitfire, with its stunningly shaped wings. Perhaps one of the most beautiful planes that ever flew. It was on its way to a flypast to commemorate the 60th anniversary of WWII celebrations. I felt overwhelming proud to have seen it fly over my home .

      65 years ago, over the same summer skies, Spitfires and Hurricanes, and the young men who flew them, saved my little country and in saving it helped save the world from a terrible darkness.

      So if those bloody cowards with their sodding beards, heads with tea-towels wrapped round them, and their "jihads" against innocent women and children think they can do better than Hitler, or Napoleon or Phillip the Second of Spain or any of the rest of them, well they'll be in a for a shock.

      An "islamic" web site claimed that "London was ablaze with panic and fear" after Thursday. As one wag at Kings Cross station noted on a sign underneath a huge Union Jack: "London ablaze with panic and fear"... "MY ARSE".

      Hope to have a pint with you all soon. Thanks again for the kind messages.

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