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Re: any insights? no pun intended

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  • Goldsmith, Tim
    I appreciate the help you have offered on the possible compromise of the White House telephones story and I also appreciate your varied opinions on the Fox
    Message 1 of 43 , May 9, 2000
      I appreciate the help you have offered on the possible compromise of the
      White House telephones story and I also appreciate your varied opinions on
      the Fox News Channel! FNC and Insight Mag both seem to have their "niche"
      market (to put it politely) but that alone should not automatically
      validate/invalidate anything they report. We all have to try to balance
      media and political propaganda with facts we can test and information we can

      My objective in asking the coldwarcomms group for assistance was to try to
      strip the story of political complications and to try to distill what, if
      any, objective technical information could support or disprove the
      allegations. Members of this group possess a tremendous amount of specific
      knowledge and expertise in the area of the hardware and history of secure
      government communications and my first thought when I read the allegations
      was to ask the experts here!

      It now appears that it was not the secure military phone lines that were
      allegedly compromised, rather it was a non-classified (but expected to be
      secure) system for the bulk of the daily phone traffic, recently installed
      by Bell Atlantic and managed by a company called AMDOCS. So far not much
      more is confirmed except that congressional and administration leaders have
      been briefed by the FBI and that the investigation is "all but closed". For
      all we know, the FBI investigation may be simply a prudent examination of
      the allegations made by people including Gordon Thomas in his book "Gideon's

      Thanks again everybody.

      Tim Goldsmith
    • Craig Scott
      Yeah,  Whistler    modeled after Joe Engrassia....one of the original Phone Phreaks ...and blind ________________________________ From: Charles Fargis
      Message 43 of 43 , Feb 5, 2009
        Yeah,  "Whistler"   modeled after Joe Engrassia....one of the original "Phone Phreaks"...and blind

        From: Charles Fargis <lackey91@...>
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        Subject: RE: [coldwarcomms] Re: any insights? no pun intended

        Loved the blind guy who counted heartbeats in the tunnel.
        Akroyd wasnt bad either.
        I remarked to my wife when we saw "War Games" how most of the people in the
        didnt know there was a building on springs across the street in a big hole
        in the ground.
        Still operational today unlike Garden City which is now condos and such.
        Sniff Sniff

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        Subject: Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: any insights? no pun intended

        Great movie w/ Bob Redford: SNEAKERS.....moral of the story:  Too Many

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        Subject: [coldwarcomms] Re: any insights? no pun intended

        Thank you. Very well put.

        One exception to your comment "In a democratic society".

        This is actually a "republic".

        And one statement. Some things are still better not said.


        --- In coldwarcomms@ <mailto:coldwarcomms%40yahoogroups.com>
        yahoogroups.com, John Young <jya@...> wrote:
        > No question that those with access to classified information
        > are well-trained to not release it. Still, keeping secrets is hard
        > to do when agencies who manage the secrets fairly regularly
        > leak information which helps protect their budgets and careers.
        > How else would the public know what their tax money is used
        > for if now and then there were no dramatic disclosures of how
        > beneficial it is to carefuly manage leaks of secrets and to be
        > sure punish those who are not authorized to stage manage
        > leaks.
        > In a democratic society the conflict between secret keepers
        > and the public will forever be a tussle of mutual suspicion.
        > Whistleblowers serve an important role in this tussle, but
        > more important are the skeptics of secrecy, from the President
        > down to the most ill-informed citizen, all of who are regularly
        > betrayed by those they are induced to trust -- blindly.
        > Anyone who has served in a secretkeeping organization-- mil
        > com, edu, church -- knows well the practice, call it preaching,
        > of revealing what is known to those not authorized to know it,
        > the bragging of what one knows but cannot tell -- though always
        > exaggerated, the hectoring of those with loose lips -- and looser
        > morals, the warnings of treason and threat to the nation,
        > company, family, church, the rigamarole orchestrated as if a
        > buffoonish opera, which insiders are ever reminded, pays quite
        > well to keep outsiders out of the loop.
        > National security is the biggest racket ever, some say it has
        > become a diabolic church of black magic. Stupendously
        > expensive and wasteful of the world's hard-earned capital.
        > Telling the truth about how deeply entrenched it is within
        > democratic nations would indeed be treasonous to it
        > beneficiaries.
        > Best to prate about the virtues of self-censorhip, of patriotism,
        > of holding tongues. Jesus weeps at what is done in the name
        > of security and salvation.
        > Saith a disbeliever.


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